TFT Newsletter #1

Howdy guys and girls!

Welcome to the first edition of the TFT Newsletter. We’re going to send one out monthly to keep you updated with what’s happening at TFT as well in the footballing world.

At the moment, as you can all understand, the big news in the football world is that the World Cup starts on Thursday 12th June with hosts Brazil entertaining tough customers Croatia. To celebrate this magnificent spectacle, we at TFT are offering a discounted price of £8 for any new monthly membership sign-ups, which is a complete bargain! There is plenty of information about the World Cup in the Members section with a lengthy preview containing detailed analysis’ of what to expect from each team as well as offers from our partners Bet365 and exclusive coverage of all of the games as they come around so what are you waiting for?

Sign up by clicking here today because the offer ends on Sunday 15th June!

If you feel that the World Cup is all hype with no value then that’s fine; we also cover the Finnish leagues and Lithuanian A Lyga during the competition so there’s plenty of betting for everyone to be getting on with!

Aside from that, there is little else to report with the tabloids desperately making up stories to keep people entertained. I think the only one that we haven’t seen thus far is Lionel Messi’s loan move to Carlisle United but I’m sure it’ll materialise at some stage. One thing we will say is that Melbourne City (formerly Melbourne Heart) are going to absolutely decimate the A-League next season with their signings. They’ve already signed David Villa (I know – he’s far, far too good to be playing at that level!!) and Damien Duff, who are both ridiculously good captures for the Australian club. The Man City owners must have pumped a lot of money into that project but irrespective of that, Melbourne City are going to be unplayable next season, especially if they keep van’t Schip at the helm.

If anything else comes up then we’ll keep you posted but other than that, we look forward to seeing your comments in the Members section in the coming weeks!


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