The Biggest Problems of the Sport and Gambling Industry After Covid Lockdowns

Ever since March 2020, people have been adapting to the “new normal”. This mostly meant getting used to spending more time at home, working remotely, and avoiding any kind of socialization with people outside of your own home. 

As far as the gambling industry goes, it had to adapt as well. Many land-based venues were forced to close, which caused a great loss in revenue. However, more and more players started exploring the possibilities of online gambling and betting. So, the entire casino industry was fast to shift their investments in online casinos and sportsbooks. 

This resulted in a huge number of new online operators, but also in a new generation of players that a while ago never showed any interest in this type of entertainment. With so many new online players, especially those that were interested in placing a bet on eSports, the gambling industry started prioritizing the virtual world over the real one.

Now, one year later, the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be improving and the restriction measures are being altered with each passing day. And it seems that the gambling industry could face some new problems with the world going back to its pre-pandemic habits. Let’s take a look at some issues that the gambling industry could be experiencing in the near future.

Re-Opening of Land-Based Casinos

One of the first things that many players are looking forward to is the re-opening of land-based casinos. However, the gambling industry fears that people have spent too much time on online casinos and that the risk of playing indoors will affect the number of casino goers. It goes without saying that online casinos have proven to be very convenient and that even those players who prefer playing at brick-and-mortar venues were fast to adapt to the virtual versions of their favourite games. What is more, fast payout casinos in the UK as well as all other gambling platforms that offered fast withdrawal methods and incredible bonuses, turned most of the players into returning customers. So, it comes as no surprise that the gambling industry could be worried about the future of their land-based venues after being closed for so long. 

Maintaining The Number of Online Players

On the other hand, the gambling industry is also facing the probable loss of online players, since it’s expected that many people will be more interested in outdoor activities after spending so much time indoors. Even though the online casinos have attracted many new players with no-deposit bonuses and other welcome offers, there’s a possibility that people will be more interested in other activities that are not performed via PC or phone screen. 

It might be that this possible issue will not result in catastrophic numbers for the industry, but it could affect the way that people see online gambling and betting. If players get to connect these activities with being restricted to their own homes then it could have a more negative impact than the industry was counting on. Nevertheless, there will always be those type of players that will eventually find that online gaming is the best way to relax when they are on their own. 

Keeping People Interested in eSports

After the lockdown, it’s expected that more and more sports events will get back on track. This means that once again people can bet on sports that they love so much. But, the gambling industry has already made some serious investments in developing eSports. And even though the target audience for the two differs entirely, it’s a fact that those who prefered regular sports had enjoyed eSports while no other events were available. So, one of the possible problems that the industry could face after the lockdown is maintaining the same level of interest in eSports among different bettors. 


Even though the future might bring some problems to the gambling industry, it has proven time and time again that there can always be a solution for those who are looking for one. The gambling industry proved during the pandemic that it can respond quickly and effectively in times of great crisis, and we expect to see the same reaction when the world goes back to its usual routines. 

Jeremy Raynolds is a writer of the iGaming content that dedicated most of his time researching different topics related to online casinos, sports betting, and e-Sports. Jeremy delivers weekly articles that are aimed at gambling and betting fans who want to be up-to-date with the latest trend from the iGaming world. He likes to spend his free time playing Blackjack online or hanging out with friends. 

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