The Impact of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the UK Betting Market

There are tons of online casinos with loads of players betting continuously daily. Likewise, sports bookers have increased in numbers and bettors as well. In the industry statistic document report from the UK Gambling Commission, there was a 2.9% increase in the amount of money wagered in the betting industry over the past year.

In the UK, people are betting now more than ever. That’s bad news for real money gamblers who lost and good news for the bookers and casinos. Witnessed growth in money wager can be partially explained by the recent enthusiasm around the FIFA World Cup last year, and more recently the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup held in France. Also, this increase in the number of bettors could be as a result of the myriad of bonuses online casinos are offering their players. In the UK? You can visit to view some of the gifts online casinos offer its players that entice them. Nevertheless, the big question is, has the FIFA Women’s World Cup had any impact on the UK betting market?

Has FIFA Women’s World Cup Increased the Betting Numbers Compared to Gambling in the UK?

Taking a stroll through Paris last month indicated that the Women’s World Cup will soon kick off there. Airports kept welcoming thousands of new arriving fans from the United Kingdom and beyond. Tons of FIFA billboards and banners were decorating all the city of lights’ streets and shops.

Statistically, 33% of people who watch football matches on TV or live at the stadium are more likely to gamble than those who didn’t. So, yes, this year’s Women’s World Cup has caused an increase in the betting number in the UK and beyond.

When the Women’s World Cup was about to kick off, Brits were anticipating to wager on who’s going to win. We can only expect an increase in the overall number of bets placed this year due to this football event. With over a million tickets sold even before the game kicked off and local organisers claiming that they sell over 15,000 tickets daily, says it all.

Such an enormous figure clearly indicates that the number of bettors would increase as more people are going to watch the match and would be willing to bet on it. Therefore, the bottom line is that the Women’s World Cup caused an increase in the number of bettors in the UK.

Has the World Cup Suppress Gambling?

Well, the Women’s World Cup has not suppressed gambling in the UK. The World Cup has only contributed to the increasing number of bettors. But betting and gambling goes hand in hand and the gambling industry has also witnessed more people wanting to gamble during this season.

The gambling industry is a strategic market; however, in many ways, it is symbolic to the struggle the FIFA Women’s football has come across for years now. Indeed, they keep trying to make themselves known amidst long-standing traditions. Gambling at online casinos is a typical example of the problem the FIFA Women’s World Cup are facing. We cannot deny the fact that Brits are more interested in winning their wagers than watching sports games.

Gambling at online casinos can become a simple routine that anyone include with just a click. Psychologically, bettors remember their wins more than their losses, which explains why gambling can get so addictive. Another statistic tells us that 35.3% of bettors think they are making a profit. The number increases to 41.24% for regular bettors. However, restricted players share a small percentage of only 7.8%. Often, these bettors’ dismissal is because they are the ones genuinely making the real profits. And obviously, the bookers wouldn’t want that, as it’s bad for business.

Is Gambling a Strong Activity in the UK Market?

UK bettors have a strong affinity for gambling. UK is one of the leaders and original gambling market in Europe. The overall size of the betting outlets is so massive that the UK is undoubtedly considered a great gambling nation.

UKGC is responsible for regulating casinos and handing out licenses to casinos, an act introduced in 2014. Offshore betting sites now seem to be more interested in supplying UK customers. You can check the UKGC website to view the full list of licensed online casinos.

Remote betting keeps increasing in the UK with every single day that passes. Between 2011-2012, the gross gaming yield from mobile and online betting accounts for £710.19 million. And between 2014-2015 the figure grew to £3.6 billion, which is significantly huge.

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