The TFT Tipster Competition 12 is starting soon!

This is a quick note to say that TFT Tipster Competition 12 will be starting on Friday 21st February.

It’s been a while since lyricaldonbt has had the hours to be able to dedicate some time to running another competition, but with his work being quiet at the moment, he is raring to get another comp up and running!

**Entry has ended**

Entry will be the usual £5, however the competition will run for 6 weeks this time. So Friday 4th April will be the final day.

From now on only senior team Internationals, senior international friendlies, and U21 games will count for competition purposes.

Hope to see some of you back in the competition. Lyrical has enjoyed running it over it’s 11 editions and has been eager to get another going.

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