Three things often overlooked when choosing a football betting site

Choosing the best betting sites to place your next footie wagers isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are loads of great football betting sites available. And that’s part of the problem!

Too much choice can be just as bad as not enough. And when it comes to online gambling you need to narrow down your search. Having a few accounts up and running at the same time is great. But you need to make sure that they are all worthy of your time and money.

So how do you make sense of all the info and options out there? Sometimes it’s not what you do know. But rather it’s what you don’t.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest mistakes that punters make when searching for football betting sites.

1. Market options

Having a selection of events to choose from is a must. But many punters stop there in their search. Newbies should be on the lookout for what action’s waiting for them at those events. To do that, you need to scratch below the surface. And that means checking out all of the markets that are on offer for each match or race.

Most football betting sites will happily give odds for the biggest matches like the EPL, for example. But they might only be for the simple win/lose or top goalscorer. There’s so much more besides and these are just a few of the top football odds to check out.

  • Half time/full time: deciding who might win can be pretty tough. But predicting which team will be winning at the break and which will win after 90 minutes is another story. It’s effectively 2 bets in one so be prepared for some decent prices with this bet
  • First goalscorer: teams usually have 1 or 2 players that are likely to hit the back of the net more than the others. But in a game, it’s tough to work out who will deliver the opening blow. It could even be an own goal and not many punters will be expecting that
  • Over/under goals: with this wager, the bookie will set odds for the game to result in more or fewer goals than they state. For example, over 4.5 goals means that you believe there will be 5 goals in the game. It’s a versatile wager that always gets the fans excited.

2. Live-streaming & in-play betting

Live streaming should never be overlooked if you’re considering a new place to bet. Live action can be out of reach for many of us due to the high cost of the various subscriptions. You can’t get all the games in one place very often. So you’ll need to pay for 2 or 3 different sports packages to see every game.

And this is where the bookies can step in and make life easier for you.

Placing a bet on a match is usually the only thing you need to do for a site to release a link for you to follow the action. You can catch everything in real-time and this helps when in-play betting too.

In-play bets take place during the game and give you an insight into how the result might go. You can then place your bets and have a better chance of getting it right.

3. Welcome deals

And before you sign up for any new accounts, you should always check out the deals on offer for new customers. These promos can bring large amounts of extra betting money your way and can mean free bets among other freebies.

There’s plenty of bonus cash on offer. So check out details before you decide where to have a flutter.

Finally, if you’re wondering which places to try, then this list gives you a good overview of betting sites that are primarily focused on football.

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