Trends To Follow For Successful Football Betting

The ancient betting proverb states that in a bet, there’s always a fool and a thief. The fool is always losing his money and the thief is always taking it. However, there’s a way to make sure you’re always the thief and never the fool. Naturally, you want your favourite team to win and therefore you tend to place your money on their successes. However, when it comes to football, this is a fool’s game. To become the thief, you need to understand the analytics behind the sport and learn how to identify the typical football trends.


What is a trend in football?

The dictionary officially defines a trend as a “general direction in which something is developing or changing”. In football, this implies a winning or losing outcome that happens reliably based on similar circumstances. It’s not an exact science but it can provide substantial evidence to sway you to bet on one team or another. You need to look at the past history of each team’s performance to identify a trend and ensure that you have a good sample size as this is the only way that a trend is useful.

Situational trends to help decide your bet

Situational trends are based on specific circumstances and involve in-depth research. You have to study previous football matches and try to identify if there are any patterns or situations that resulted in a win. For example, you might find that a team wins 90 percent of the matches they play at home. This is compelling evidence and would allow you to strategically place a bet on that team whenever they’re playing a home match. Other statistics you might want to look at for situational trends include home record against weaker or stronger teams, players ability to kick the ball during bad weather, record when traveling long distances, record following a big win, record following a big loss, or a team’s record after a long football break or season.

Betting trends focus on other betters

Another way to use analysis to determine your bet is to look at how other betters are betting. You can place yourself in the mind of another gamer and see how likely they are to make a similar bet as you. According to football betting statistics and theories, most people who bet on football lose. Therefore, you should establish a contrarian betting strategy. This means that you bet against what the majority is doing. Since they’re losing more often than they’re winning, it makes sense for you to contradict their bets. It also gives you a greater chance of winning more money when you bid against the public.

The fool relies on his gut and the thief uses his mind. Therefore, if you’re looking to make more money on your football bets, calculate the trends and analysis of each match and make smart predictions. You’ll never be the fool again.

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