Understanding Futures in Football Betting

Unlike spread betting and money line betting, futures is a completely different approach in sports betting. Also, futures offer many different options, and your chances of winning are much lower than 50%. There’s no way around them either because they are based on what will happen during the entire season, which means you have to wait several months before you get the result of your bet. 

You might think that it’s not popular then. That’s wrong. In fact, futures is one of the most popular types of bets in any form of sports betting.

However, a significant portion of bettors avoids them because of the low chance of having a good ROI. But betting on them is still profitable; if you manage to win, that is. But I digress, as there is more to the futures than its ROI, and we will talk about them in this article.

What is a futures bet?

A futures bet is a type of bet where the result won’t be revealed until the distant future. No, we don’t mean days away or weeks away. We’re talking about months away or until the season ends. 

The key here is that it’s a bet that’s not wagered on a specific game or series. It’s a bet on an entire season until a champion is decided, which means that a lot of games will be played first before your bet happens. That is why I said earlier that it could take you months before you get a payout; if you win, of course. Obviously, it’s a great challenge and can be tough to predict since the result is still ways away.

Why You Should Try Futures Betting

There is a reason why most of the bettors of futures bets are casual bettors. This is because futures bets have very high odds and attractive payouts. These odds are way higher than spread betting, and money line betting and even has higher payouts than them.

That said, anyone who at least made a $10 bet on them won $3000. That’s insane. However, you might ask if the Rams were a value pick during that season. Actually, even though their payout of $30,000, a lot of people would still ignore them. However, best represents team value, which leads us to the second advantage of futures bets.

By taking note of all of the relevant information about a specific team in FanDuel and predicting how they will play during the season, you might just win big money if they make it at the end of the season. Of course, I can’t guarantee that there will always be teams with high odds that will win, but it is certainly possible. Of course, the chances of you actually winning are low, but that is why many people only make futures bets for fun.


Futures wagers can be very hard to win simply because the strongest teams can almost always dominate the entire season. And even if you wager on the safest collection of bets, there is still a huge probability of losing the bet.

This means that as a bettor, you would have to be extremely lucky to have incidentally bet on them and won a huge payout. Another disadvantage of futures bets is that if you won and had a huge payout, the juice is also significant. In fact, futures bet has the biggest juice involved in winning.

And finally, the last disadvantage of futures bets is that you won’t know the ROI until the season ends. This is why if you want to invest in futures betting, you have to be wise about your bankroll. If you want to win big in the future, you have to be smart about it and wager big money. However, the ROI will only exist if you win at all.


Futures bets can be considered a huge leap of faith if you decide to invest a lot of money into them. That is because you have to wait until the season is over to know if you won the bet. The odds of you winning is low, especially if it’s not a safe bet. But if you win, the payout is big, and the wait and suspense will all be worth it.

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