US Sports Betting Terms Explained

There are many sports betting terms and when you begin betting for the first time, it can seem a little overwhelming. Even an experienced sports bettor will find a term they are unfamiliar with and below you will find a selection of US sports betting terms explained.

We begin with one of the more common US sports betting terms and that’s Action. This is simply the amount you have placed on a bet or any live wagering option. For example, if you have had a wager on a baseball game and the game is in process, you can say “I have action on this game.” As for the term Wager, this is used to describe the actual bet itself. Another common term is a ‘tip’ which is simply a bet suggested by a third party who, hopefully is more knowledgeable about that subject than the bookmaker who is setting the initial odds.

Moving on to American sports betting terms in relation to odds and we come to Ante-post. This term is used regularly on horse and greyhound racing and refers to futures odds that are posted at least one day prior the start of a race. For big races such as the Kentucky Derby, ante-post odds are generally available well in advance of the race as punters want to get in on the action early and perhaps back a winner at great odds.

Now we come to the different types of US sports wager available online and these terms must be understood before placing a wager. We begin with the Moneyline and this is a wager on who you think will win the game. You will find punters betting on the moneyline if they believe they have found an outsider at good odds who is going to win. 

Another US sports betting term related to betting markets is the Spread. Also known as a Points Spread, this is used by the bookmaker to determine who is the favourite and underdog. A points spread is used because it can level the playing field in a game where there is a clear favourite, without the sportsbook having taking evens on both teams. The favourites are listed with a negative point spread, such as -6.5 and the underdog is given a positive point spread, such as +6.5. That means, the favourite must win the game by the specified number of points, in this case 7 points, for the bet to be a winner and the underdog must lose within 6 points if you choose to back the outsider.

Double Chance betting is another US sports betting term you should become familiar with before you begin betting. A double chance bet is usually used in soccer and whereas a moneyline bet would only give you two possible outcomes, a double chance bet gives you three, as it includes the possibility of a game ending in a draw. When placing a double chance wager, you can select either the home team to win or draw or the away team to win or draw and you can read more on Gamble USA about double chance betting.

There are many other US sports betting terms but if you begin by learning those highlighted above, you will have made a great start.

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