Ways to pay for football tips

We offer several ways to pay for our football tips and other services. In this post I want to talk about each one in turn, listing some pros and cons and when that payment type would be right for you.

Credit / Debit Card

This is the most flexible option and only requires that you have access to a credit or debit card of some sort. You enter your details into our secure form and our trusted payment provider Stripe store all the details.


  • You don’t need to sign up anywhere else
  • You can cancel from our website without needing to contact us for support
  • You can make use of discount vouchers we sometimes share
  • Membership setup is automatic, you get access to the tips immediately in most cases


  • If your bank or card company declines the payment we can’t give you much more information than that
  • Some banks and card companies don’t let you pay for international services from them


For a long time this was our only payment option, and is still the preferred option by a lot of our users. You enter in some details on our site and then get taken to PayPal to complete the purchase in a secure way.


  • You can cancel directly from PayPal itself
  • Setting up a PayPal account is quick and free
  • PayPal is used by thousands of other online shops and services
  • Membership setup is automatic, you get access to the tips immediately in most cases


  • You need to set up a PayPal account
  • If you run out of money in your PayPal account, it will automatically take it from your attached other accounts

Forms of payment we don’t accept

I want to wrap this up by sharing a handful of payment types we don’t accept.

  • Western Union – Collecting money is a huge amount of effort and often simple things like small typos in the spelling of a name meant we couldn’t collect.
  • MPesa – We would really love to accept MPesa but we can’t find a good company that would let a UK based website like ours use it without huge fees.
  • Netteller – We tried to get an account before and couldn’t.
  • Skrill – We used to use them but their fees were too high.
  • Bank Transfer – We used to allow this but found it was too confusing for most people across different countries.

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