We are now more secure!

I have just pushed a change to force the site to be used using https://

More Secure Football Betting

Even though we were never not secure it is always good to be thinking about your security and safety online, adding what we call in the business an SSL certificate helps to stop hackers listening in on what you are doing on the site.

What does this mean for me?

Apart from knowing that with us you can browse knowing you aren’t being spied on there is next to no difference, you might have been logged out and if so I apologise but once you log back in and click to be remembered that shouldn’t happen again :-)

But other sites I go to don’t use https – are they wrong?

Not at all, so long as they aren’t capturing information that hackers might want (credit card details, for example) then there isn’t any harm in using http – we just like to take¬†extra precautions for our user’s safety online.

But I have already paid for membership, was it safe then?

Yes, completely safe, because we use PayPal and send you off to the PayPal site for everything (which as you can imagine is very safe) there is nothing to worry about.

How Can I tell if a betting site uses https?

The easiest way to tell is by looking at the URL bar, here is an example taking from our site;

Screenshot 2014-08-15 22.45.32

As you can see there is a lock and the letters https by the URL – this indicates that the site is secured using https.

I have a question about https or the security of this site!

More than happy to address any questions you have, just leave a comment below :-)

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