What is a Sports Betting System?

A betting system is a collection of trial and error procedures that a bettor can do in order to find the winning sports betting formula. When the margin is higher than 8 percent, you are using a sports betting system if you plan to gamble on all football clubs. The criteria depends on the maker of it. Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of parameters that can be used to know the outcome or result of the game. 

The bettor’s strategy can influence the amount of money they wager on a game. If the game is seen as a high-opportunity bet, sports trading platforms may recommend a larger bet, while a low-opportunity bet may need a smaller bet. Try using VOdds and Sign up on their trading platform to learn more.

3 types of betting systems to begin with

Most punters risk whatever they feel like at the time, while others base their decisions on their belief before placing any bets. They also make use of strategies to somehow feel a sense of relief knowing that they will not totally lose. Here’s our top 3 betting systems that can help you make a successful bet.

Zig-zag Betting Theory

The fundamental premise is that a strong team is difficult to defeat twice in a row. Furthermore, according to this hypothesis, oddsmakers should not take this into account and overvalue favourites. If you can see, this easily extends to the NBA, NHL, and MLB postseason, as they all consist of a series of games. When a player takes the first game of a series, they almost always lose the second. According to the Zig-Zag principle, this is the most important thing to remember when placing a wager. Then you can use things like home-court advantage to help you place bets better.

It’s one thing to find a betting system and gamble it blindly in the hopes of a positive outcome. Finding a betting scheme like the Zig-Zag Theory and applying it to profit on sports leagues is a totally different matter.

Proportional Betting

This one starts with a fraction of the bankroll being put on the line. Following a successful wager, you raise your bets by the same amount.

Example: Let’s say that you have a €1,000 bankroll. You wager 5.5% or €110 of this amount on an outcome with -110 odds. You win and add €100 to your bankroll. The amount of your bankroll is now worth €1,100. In the next bet, it will be worth 10% of €1,100. Meaning,

€1,100 x 0.1 = €110

So, your next bet must be €110.

Following a draw, you can return to betting the initial percentage of your wager. Meanwhile, you will decide whether to avoid trading prior to a loss in order to win. Proportional betting has the benefit of allowing you to increase your winnings quickly after a few good bets. By the percentage you wager after each victory, you’ll be betting more of your winnings.

Martingale Betting

This system is perhaps the most well-known sports betting system and what the best football analysts recommended. This scheme requires you to bet flat before you lose. If you lose, you double your bet before you win again. At this point, you go back to your original bet size. It is a radical sports betting strategy that seeks to offset your risks by doubling your bets on the next bet. This has been rated as one of the best sports betting tactics by several betting reviews.

Example: Let’s say that you bet €110 on an outcome with -110 odds and lose €110 for this sequence. Then you are betting €220 on -110 odds and lose -€330. After that, you’ll be betting €440 on -110 odds and lose -€770. Now, you have to bet €880 on -110 odds to win €800 +€30. Your total profit now for the sequence is €30. You will then return now to a €110 bet. As simple as that.

You make a €30 profit after only winning one of four bets. As a result, this device not only assists you in recouping losses, but also in accumulating winnings. Regrettably, the Martingale is a very dangerous strategy. To avoid going bankrupt by doubling bets after each defeat, you’d need infinite funds. There’s also the issue of betting caps at sportsbooks and internet poker platforms. You can’t use the Martingale to its full potential if you’re just able to bet €5,000 on football odds, for example.

We’ve all seen how betting above our means will lead to some seriously risky decisions, so please bet safely and know your limits. Only use the best sports betting brokers like VOdds.

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