Why we don’t give out free trials

One of the most common questions we get emailed from people excited to become members goes along the lines of;

“Can you give me a couple of days for free or some free tips so I know you aren’t scammers”.

I completely understand people are cautious with their money and unfortunately in this business there are a lot of scammers about that many people fall victim to.

We always say no to this type of request and there are several reasons for it.

We don’t think it is fair on paying members

We are so thankful to our members for having put their faith in us and giving us their hard earned money. We think they would feel cheapened if people were also getting access to the information they have paid for for free.

It isn’t just about the tips

We have so much more to offer in our members section than tips, we offer team news and additional thoughts outside of “Team x will beat Team y” and without that context we don’t think you will be getting everything out of our service, which is why emailing someone a couple of tips feels like it is doing a disservice to the great work that Ian and the team do every day.

We have been stung before

In the early days of the site we did let some folk in for free just to have a quick look before paying – some of them took it upon themselves to share their user name out so others could benefit – all for free. This isn’t fair on our paying members and forced us to not only put in additional monitoring into the site but also think long and hard about freebies!

We give all our members tips away!

One thing that people don’t realise is that after 4 days any members tip becomes available for free – this is to allow people to see how the tips are laid out and to verify that the tips are good. You will be able to judge the quality of the predictions and of the team news based on the fact it has already happened.

If you want to view our older members tips for free you just need to go to our main tips page and click on any members tip older than 4 days.

We have a community of people willing to state we are not scammers

One of the benefits of becoming a member is that you get to chat with other members in the members posts – you can quickly see these are real and smart people who deeply care about football betting. I know some services offer tips by email, this is one of the reasons we don’t do that – you completely miss out on the community side of things.

Hopefully you can now see why we don’t give out free trials to people! If you are interested in becoming a member you can here!

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