10 Facts You’ve Never Known about the Liverpool FC

Think of yourself as a Liverpool super-fan? Surely you know many interesting facts about this club, managers or athletes. However, now you will learn a little more. Here are ten facts you’ve probably never known about Liverpool FC. You will surely be surprised.

Anfield Hasn’t Always Been Liverpool FC’s Home

Many team fans think that Anfield has always been Liverpool FC’s home, but it is not. The fact is that until 1891 this stadium was rented by Everton FC. However, the team had to move due to problems related to renting and some legal issues. Only in 1892 that Anfield became the home of Liverpool FC.

The Very First Match LFC Played Brought in a Crowd of Just 100

Imagine that you are playing your first match at a 20,000-seat stadium and see empty stands. Most likely, you would be disappointed. Only a hundred people came to the team’s first game, even though the stadium is designed for an army of 20,000. In part, the frustration of athletes can be compared to the emotions of students who don’t know where to start any paper. But you can always nerdify review. Unfortunately, this trick will not work in football. The team had to play in an almost empty stadium without the support of fans.

Kenny Dalglish Is the First-Ever Player-Manager in English Football

Surely many football fans know about the Heysel Stadium disaster, in which English clubs were banned from participating in European competitions. At this point, Liverpool was left without a coach, and Kenny Dalglish had to become the first-ever player-manager in English football. Imagine a 30+ year old guy who had to lead a team. Fortunately, Dalglish has done an excellent job with the mission entrusted to him.

The Quickest Premier League Hat-Trick

On August 28, 1994, Robbie Fowler made a hat-trick of four minutes and 32 seconds, a Premier League record. This achievement remained unique until May 16, 2015; Southampton’s Sadio Mané scored 30 seconds faster. Nevertheless, this record is worth considering, as very quick goals are not typical for British football.

They Have Won More European Cups Than Other UK Teams

Six European Cups set the record for British football. The closest competitor, Manchester United, was able to win only three European Cups. This achievement is partly due to the banning of British clubs for a long five years. Nevertheless, this record deserves attention.

Liverpool Have Never Finished Lower Than 8th Since 1963

At the very beginning, the club experienced some difficulties with management, line-ups, and other aspects, which led to not very good consequences. Luckily, Liverpool returned to the top division of English football in 1963. Since then, the club has never finished lower than 8th. This result can be considered quite successful considering how difficult the Premier League is. If the players were students, they could use the “nerdify review by ScamFighter” options and not waste time. But football works differently, and such tricks don’t work.

The Club’s Original Kit Was Blue and White Until 1896

Many Liverpool fans are used to the red kits, as this is a distinctive feature of the team. But the fact is that the club’s original kit was blue and white until 1896. The club had to choose a new option as the colors were very similar to those worn by the athletes from Everton. As you can see, this change helped the club get its famous red color.

Liverpool Scored Against Three Different Luton Town Goalkeepers in a League Game

September 1982 was remembered by Liverpool fans as an impressive achievement. The team scored against three different goalkeepers in a league game. In part, this achievement can be attributed to some players having to take the goalkeeper position. However, this result could not be repeated by any British club.

The Club’s Quickest Ever First Goal in European Competition

Surely you know Joe Cole and the contribution that this athlete made to the history of the club. But what about a truly impressive achievement? This guy scored the club’s quickest ever goal in a European competition. It took him only 27 seconds to provoke a standing ovation at Anfield in 2010.

Earliest Title Win – Seven Matches to Spare

Imagine that the season ends only after seven matches, but you are already celebrating a victory. Liverpool has set this impressive Premier League record, becoming a true legend. By the way, this achievement is still relevant, and no British team has been able to repeat it.

Final Words

As you can see, the club boasts amazing achievements, some of which are unique. Overall, Liverpool has a lot of facts that will surprise even a dedicated fan. The fact is that this team has always strived for victories despite the difficulties. That is why millions of fans around the world love the club and the coaches. Liverpool may set many new records shortly.

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