Why Liverpool Are Always The Best Team To Bet On

There are twenty teams to bet on in the Premier League, but would you believe that Liverpool is the best? 

No, they’re not the best team in the Premier League – that’s undeniably Manchester City – but they are the best team for you to bet on. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their ability as a team; it’s more that you can spot some patterns in their matches based on their style of play. As a result, they’re perfect if you want to bet on the following markets: 

  • Both Teams To Score (BTTS)
  • Over 2.5 Goals
  • Home Win
  • 12+ Match Shots On Target

You’ll find these markets at all European bookies but what makes Liverpool so special compared with other clubs? The 2023/24 Premier League season has just come to a close so we looked at the data and found a few key reasons to start backing the Reds across these markets next year. 

74% Of Liverpool’s Away Games Featured Both Teams Scoring

We’ve taken all our data from FootyStats as it’s one of the most trusted for this kind of thing and it shows us that 74% of Liverpool’s away games result in both teams scoring. The league average for BTTS is 62%, so it’s kind of crazy that around two-thirds of their matches away from home have goals from either side. 

It’s not too dissimilar at home either – 63% of home games see both teams scoring, so 68% of all Liverpool games are a win for betting on BTTS. If you stick to the away games there’s a higher chance of you getting the bet right and it’s largely thanks to their incredible attack and lacklustre defence. By comparison, only 53% of Manchester City’s away matches finish with themselves and their opponents scoring at least one goal. 

There’s An Average Of 3.34 Goals In Every Liverpool Match

One of the many facts about Liverpool FC is that the team historically loves scoring goals. Think about some of the attacking talent gracing this team over the years: Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, Daniel Sturridge, Fernando Torres and even Steven Gerrard loved a goal or two. 

Scoring goals has never been a problem – and while Salah didn’t come close to the Golden Boot this year, the team as a whole managed 2.26 goals per match. That was slightly better than last season and their defence tightened up too, only conceding 1.08 goals a match. Still, conceding over a goal a game isn’t great for the defence coach – but it is excellent news for bettors like ourselves! 

It means every Liverpool match features an average of 3.34 goals across the season. In other words, they’re a great team to bet on for over 2.5 goals in a game. You’d have to be very unlucky to get one of the few games that didn’t end with more than 2.5 goals – 7 out of their last 10 Premier League games featured 3 or more goals! 

Statistically speaking, 66% of all their matches ended with over 2.5 goals so that’s two-thirds of their games. 

Liverpool Win 79% Of Their Home Games

Did you know Liverpool only lost one home game all season? They only drew three of the remaining 18, meaning 15 of their home matches resulted in a victory. If that sounds impressive, that’s because it is. They have the best win percentage at home out of all Premier League teams (79%) including City and Arsenal. 

The craziest thing is, their sole loss came to Crystal Palace in April and up until that point they’d only dropped points at home to Man United, Man City and Arsenal. If you want to put an outright bet on a team to win, you may as well stick your money on Liverpool at home – particularly against a team outside the top 6. 

If you wanted to make your bet more impressive, we’d go for a bet on them to win plus over 2.5 goals in the match. They love scoring at home – an average of 2.58 goals per match makes this a great build-a-bet option for your bookmaker. 

Liverpool Take Over 16 Shots Per Match

Most punters like betting on goals, but what happens when a team has loads of shots and they don’t go in? You lose your bet despite the dominant performance. That’s why the over/under shots market is a top one to sink your teeth into. You aren’t relying on goals; shots are all that’s required. 

Across the 23/24 Premier League season, Liverpool averaged 16.29 shots per game. This figure increased to 19.63 per game at home. You’ll get incredible odds for over 12 shots in a match at most bookies – and even better ones if you bet on over 12 shots for the home team alone when they’re at Anfield. 

You could opt for even more than 12+ shots, but it’s the best bet statistically. 79% of Liverpool games saw them make over 10.5 shots, 76% had 11.5+ shots and 71% had 12.5+ shots. It starts dipping from then on, but for comparison, this is the highest average shots per game in the league by some margin. Only 43% of Arsenal games saw them make over 12.5 shots and it’s not pretty reading for most others. So, if there’s a team to bet on for shots, it has to be Liverpool. 

Some teams might better Liverpool in some of these markets, but no team covers such a wide range of betting options quite like the Scouse masters. There are many ways to bet on them and feel confident that you’ll win – which opens the door for great combination bets or bet builders to enhance the odds and win even bigger sums of cash!

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