World Cup Qualifiers, International Friendlies, and more!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts

As ever, if there are any explanations required then please feel free to post a comment! For the remainder of my thoughts on today’s games, see below, although I feel compelled to write that the below are not necessarily my tips but merely my thoughts. For confidence ratings, you’ll need to go to the members section here.

World Cup Qualifiers – Africa:

Ethiopia vs Burkina Faso 
South Sudan vs Mauritania
Togo vs Senegal 
Lesotho vs Benin
Rwanda vs South Africa
Eswatini vs Cape Verde Islands
Mauritius vs Angola
Libya vs Cameroon 
Tanzania vs Morocco
Niger vs Zambia 
Somalia vs Uganda
Botswana vs Guinea
Malawi vs Tunisia 
Sao Tome & Principe vs Namibia 
Comoros vs Ghana

World Cup Qualifiers – Asia:

India vs Qatar
Afghanistan vs Kuwait
Myanmar vs North Korea
Syria vs Japan 
China vs South Korea 
Singapore vs Thailand 
Chinese Taipei vs Malaysia 
Kyrgyzstan vs Oman
Hong Kong vs Turkmenistan 
Uzbekistan vs Iran
Philippines vs Indonesia 
Vietnam vs Iraq
Pakistan vs Tajikistan 
Jordan vs Saudi Arabia
Nepal vs Yemen
Bahrain vs United Arab Emirates
Palestine vs Australia
Bangladesh vs Lebanon 

World Cup Qualifiers – South America:

Paraguay vs Colombia
Ecuador vs Chile
Uruguay vs Bolivia
Brazil vs Argentina 
Peru vs Venezuela 

UEFA European Championship Qualifiers:

Greece vs France
Gibraltar vs Netherlands 
Croatia vs Armenia
Wales vs Turkiye 
Romania vs Switzerland
Andorra vs Israel
Kosovo vs Belarus

International Friendlies:

Poland vs Latvia
Austria vs Germany
Republic of Ireland vs New Zealand

UEFA European U21 Championship Qualifiers:

Turkiye vs Norway 
Republic of Ireland vs Italy
Belgium vs Spain 
Hungary vs Scotland 
Moldova vs Gibraltar
Kosovo vs Israel 
Bulgaria vs Estonia 
Germany vs Poland
Montenegro vs Albania 
Finland vs Armenia
Switzerland vs Romania
Serbia vs Luxembourg
Ukraine vs Azerbaijan
England vs Northern Ireland 

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