Soccer Clubs that Most Bettors Pay Attention to

In the world of betting, some sports get a lot more attention than others. Soccer, for example, gets a lot more attention than handball, simply because there are a lot more soccer fans than handball fans. In fact, with over 3 billion fans worldwide, soccer gets a lot more attention than most sports. But, even in the world of soccer betting, there are some clubs that are viewed more favorably than others. In this article, we’d like to go over the most popular soccer teams, at least as far as betting is concerned. 

Manchester City

The English Premier League is the most popular, national soccer competition. Founded in the 1990s, after replacing the English Football League, the EPL consists of 20 of England’s best clubs. Many of these clubs are also some of the best in the world, so it is to be expected that a lot of soccer betting fans are paying close attention to the EPL. 

As things stand, Manchester City are definitely the stars of English football. Though they experienced a drop in the ranking recently (falling from first to third place), the Citizens have recovered, and are now once again at number one. In fact, with the season coming near the end, it seems like the Sky Blues will be taking home their fourth EPL title in a row. If they manage the feat, they will become the first club in EPL history to do so. 

Manchester City’s success has led to them becoming the de-facto favorite at various betting sites. They are consistently chosen as the favorites to win the Premier League, and in any match they may be facing, odds makers will usually place the odds in the Citizens’ favor. 

Real Madrid

Spanish soccer could be called the battleground of two giants: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Though the two clubs have a deep-seated rivalry, going back decades, and though both have had incredible achievements, if we go purely by accomplishments, Real Madrid stands at the top. 

They are the toughest team to beat in Europe, having won the European Cup trophy four times in the past eight years alone. With a total of 14 titles since the European Cup’s existence, they are the all-time record-holders for most European Cup titles. 

Of course, Real Madrid also have won the most La Liga titles. With La Liga being the second most popular national league in the world, it is no wonder that plenty of punters pay close attention to the club, and their recent achievements. 

Bayern Munich

The German Bundesliga is the world’s third most popular national soccer league. And the undisputed kings of the Bundesliga are Bayern Munich. Having won 11 consecutive titles, Bayern Munich have cemented themselves as Germany’s top club, with little competition. Even in 2024, they are ranking second, behind Leverkusen. 

Bayern Munich’s international success is also impressive. They’ve won six European Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, and two FIFA Club World Cup tournaments. With such accomplishments, it is absolutely not shocking that many sports betting enthusiasts keep Bayern Munich in mind. 

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