Expert Soccer Betting Tips For Beginners

It’s no longer news that soccer, otherwise known as football, is unarguably the most popular sport in the world. Not only does it have billions of fans who enjoy watching it and having fun supporting their favourite teams, but it also has successfully unified countries, tribes, and people of different cultures. 

Aside from that, it has also provided a means through which fans of the sport can not only have fun but also make some money for themselves by predicting the outcome of soccer matches through online betting. Unlike every other gambling game like poker, roulette, etc., soccer betting is the most realistic gamble to make as it involves betting on real soccer teams; the outcome, goal scorers, and many other options. 

However, it’s important to know that to win frequently, you need to have a complete understanding of how it works, the strategy to make a lot of money from it, and access to the secret tips shared by experts, especially if you’re a beginner. In this article, the tips are given on a platter of gold, but first, how does soccer betting work?

How Does Soccer Betting Work? 

Soccer betting is simple to understand for a beginner. Every outcome is represented by odds provided by a bookmaker, usually in decimals or fractions. The amount of money you’ll win depends solely on the odds ratio and stake.

You can bet on anything or everything as there are several betting options in soccer. All you need to do is pick what you think will be the match’s outcome and earn money if your prediction is correct. It’s important to note that all soccer bets are decided after the regular 90 minutes. In cases of extra time, the result would be regarded as a draw.

As a beginner who wants to make a lot of money on soccer betting, adhere strictly to the following tips provided by soccer experts. 

1. Ignore The Odds, Focus On Form

As a beginner who has just ventured into soccer betting, you need to know that odds can be deceiving. Many bookmakers see this as a vital weakness of punters and exploit it to their advantage.

You must’ve been made to believe that teams with lesser odds are bound to win. However, it’s mostly a trap to lure punters into staking their money. If you must stake, rather than putting your attention on the odds, focus on the team’s form, injuries, and every other internal factor as they’re what primarily determine the outcome of a soccer match. 

2. Avoid Playing Multiple Bet

As a newbie setting foot on soccer betting soil, you’ll be tempted to play many games to “make it big.” However, try as much as possible to resist the urge.

One of the expert soccer betting tips for beginners is that you should avoid multiple bets at all costs. Soccer prediction is difficult, and it’s much more difficult for a beginner. Therefore, it’s important to avoid having a long list of games. Instead, play one or two matches on a single slip, and as you grow more confident with each win, you can spread your wings. 

3. Use Trusted Prediction Sites But At Your Discretion

As a beginner in soccer betting, you should understand that although soccer is a game of passion, losing money isn’t fun. Several lists of soccer prediction sites focus on the analysis of soccer games; they analyze every match based on internal and external factors. Although there are some fake prediction sites, many others are reliable. 

You must use your discretion while browsing through the predictions on these sites by going for the ones with a high success rate of at least 80%. You can as well make comparisons with two or more different sites before making your choice. In soccer betting, you can’t be too careful.

4. Avoid Fixed Games At All Costs 

Playing soccer betting as a beginner can be very tempting, especially when you’re yet to hit your first “big” win. A lot of online scams will sound appealing to you by providing evidence of fixed matches while asking you to pay before giving you these games. Some will ask you to stake a huge amount of money and pay after winning. 

You need to know that they’re all scams, and there’s nothing like fixed matches in soccer. Teams found guilty of this act will face disciplinary actions and may cease to exist. Therefore, avoid them with all might. 

5. Always Play Safe, and Never Be Too Greedy

This is the most important soccer betting tip for beginners. It’s the number one rule of gambling that every soccer betting beginner should take cognizance of. The soccer betting game has several options where punters may play safe.

If you believe a team will win against its opponent, it’s better to go for the “double chance” option, i.e., play it as a win or draw. If you believe there’ll be a lot of goals in a match, you can either play it as “Over 1.5, 2.5 or GG,” which means a minimum of 2, or 3 goals outcome, while the GG means you’re predicting both teams to score.


Soccer betting is as lucrative as the sport itself. Like every other form of gambling, some strategies and tips must be taken into cognizance to win most of the time. As a soccer betting beginner, you need to be aware of these tips as provided by experts. 

Don’t get tempted by odds; focus on the team’s form, avoid playing multiple bets, use trusted prediction sites, avoid fixed games, and always learn to play safe. While considering all these, never forget to always bet with only what you can afford to lose; always gamble responsibly. 

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