3 Betting Tips So Obvious You May Not Have Been Thinking About Them

Sports betting is not an exact science. Even when the result seems 100% sure, something unexpected can happen that will turn all your predictions upside-down. But there are some things you can do to help your bets stay on the profitable side, no matter if you use a high-street betting shop in England or the Betway soccer betting app in Africa. And some of these are so obvious that you may not have even been thinking about them.

1. Keep your slips short

One of the general rules that many successful bettors live by is to keep their accumulators short. The more events there are on the betting slip, the more likely it is that some of them will lose. And if even one of your bets loses, you can throw the entire ticket out immediately.

It’s better to keep your accumulators short, with a low number of events, even if crowding them with matches seems like a good idea. A slip with more events may seem much more profitable but a shorter one is safer, in general. 

In short, don’t ignore the bird in your hand hoping to catch the two on the roof.

2. Explore beyond the obvious options

What do most people bet on? Well, it would be the outright winners of matches and the total number of goals, probably, because these are the easiest to predict even for those with limited information. When there’s a match between Liverpool and Newcastle, it’s easy and relatively safe to put your money on the Reds – and the odds will reflect the safety of this bet.

Explore beyond the most obvious options where the odds will be more favorable for you. Perhaps look into more statistics-based options like ball possession, occasions, and attempts, corners, or yellow cards. Here, the odds offered by bookmakers can be closer to the real odds than in the case of the more popular options.

3. Focus on the more important events

… because the players and the clubs will do the same. 

Everybody can have good days or bad days at work – why would professional football players, whose job is to train and play, be an exception? Just like you tend to be more prepared for an important meeting or presentation than you do for just another day at the office, players will be more focused and determined to perform when they prepare for an important match.

Major football teams will use more of their reserve players in important matches. The higher the stakes, the more focused the team will be on the match at hand – and perhaps less focused on the friendlies and domestic cup matches before them, depending on the situation at hand. 

Shorter accumulators, a more statistics-based approach, and focusing on the stakes of the match rather than the perceived “value” of the participating teams will help you choose your bets better – and perhaps even to win more of them.

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