Best app for betting on soccer 2022

With the popularity of sports betting rising across the world — with some industry commentators even going so far as to describe it as a “gold rush” of sports betting — the number of operators setting up shop has exploded in recent years.

While growth has been strong in the traditional markets such as the UK and Europe, North America has seen by far the most extreme levels of growth. Here, sports betting figures have doubled in 2021, with some predicting that we will see even stronger numbers in 2022 and beyond.

For soccer fans in particular, sports betting continues to be a popular compliment to live matches. With online sportsbooks such as SI Sportsbook securing high profile sponsorships with professional teams, the visibility of this sector has never been higher.

With so many new and exciting sportsbooks setting up shop, however, choosing a platform to try out has never been more difficult. In this short article, we will hopefully bring some clarity to your decision-making process!

Advantages of mobile soccer betting

In terms of why mobile soccer betting has proved so popular, the convenience factor is arguably the most important. The ability to seamlessly place wagers from your mobile device of choice has undoubtedly helped to grow the sector.

This has been helped by advances in mobile app development, which has in turn made sportsbooks more user friendly. In fact, you could argue that by forcing developers to scale down the traditionally complicated sportsbook into a smaller form factor, it has helped to improve the accessibility of sports betting.

This has also been helped by other factors, such as the excellent bonuses and promotions offered by sports betting operators, as well as extra features such as live streaming of games.

Soccer betting apps FAQ

If you have yet to try out a soccer betting app, here are some answers to some of the most common questions you might have:

What leagues can I bet on?

Generally, this will depend on the sports betting operator you choose. However, most sportsbooks offer a wide range of coverage these days, with all the major tournaments and leagues covered. This includes the likes of the UEFA Champions League!

How can I stay safe when betting?

A good way to stay safe when sports betting is to only ever trust your cash to a fully licensed and regulated sports betting operator.

Does it take long to sign up?

Most sports betting apps have streamlined the sign-up process and you should be up and running within a day or less.

Cool side features

In addition to the wide range of sports betting services you might be familiar with, such as in-play betting and parlay betting, our favourite added feature is live streaming.

Many online sportsbooks provide users with access to live streaming, which means you can catch your favourite games on the same platform you use to place bets.

This is not only an efficient way to watch games, but it also works out cheaper as you typically won’t have to pay any extra charges.

Live betting on soccer games

Live betting — also known as in-play betting — is incredibly popular these days. It differs from traditional sports betting as instead of placing your wagers in advance of kick-off, you can place wagers mid-game.

This is a fun and exciting experience, although it requires you to have a high degree of confidence in your understanding of the game. In-play betting lets you take advantage of the chaos of live sports, to hopefully make a bit of cash!

Soccer futures betting

A ‘futures’ bet is a type of sports bet where you place a wager on some future outcome.

This could include bets such as who will win a particular tournament, or whether an individual player will win an MVP award.

Soccer futures bets are popular, although as the prediction is made so far in advance that they require a high-level of knowledge about the game or the team/player in question.

Soccer prop betting market

A prop bet is also short for ‘proposition’, which is essentially a wager on some specific occurrence within a game that isn’t necessarily connected to the outcome of the match.

For example, you might make a prop bet on how many goals a striker will score or how many free kicks will be given out, without necessarily making a bet on who will win the game.

Prop bets are popular and typically come with higher odds attached to them as they are so hard to predict!

Bonuses for mobile betting on soccer

With so much competition between sports betting operators, bonuses and promotions are used as a way of enticing new players into signing up.

This could include everything from deposit match bonuses to free wagers or cashback bonuses on your deposits.

There are plenty of mobile soccer betting bonuses on offer these days, so be sure to shop around to get the best deal!

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