5 Best Midfielders in the Premier League in 2020-21

Midfielders are the backbone of any football team. They pull the strings from the center and dictate the pace of attack while keeping the opposition on their toes. The Premier League is home to some of the world’s most talented midfielders and the high-octane challenges often help bring out their A-game.

We have seen some incredible performances from the A-listers so far this season. Let’s take a look at the top performers who’ve made a difference in the current season. But before we begin, if you’re interested in sports betting and online gambling, follow this link to the best online casino in your region. 

Top 5 Midfielders in the Premier League 2020-21

  1. Jack Grealish, Aston Villa – Villa barely managed to hold on to Grealish this season as the latter was pegged to move to Manchester United. Holding on to the midfielder paid off as he has oozed class so far on every occasion. Be it against Liverpool, Southampton, Leicester, or Fulham. Grealish scored four goals and five assists so far in this season. And if Aston is sitting at the sixth spot with five wins from seven games, Grealish has been the guardian angel.
  2. James Rodriguez, Everton – Rodriguez’s presence at Goodison Park has been a relief for his teammates and management so far this season. And although the critics hadn’t spared much thought about the youngster when he joined this summer following a difficult season with Real Madrid, Rodriguez proved them otherwise. His skills and tricks seem to be working for Everton. And the Colombian international scored three goals and as many assists from the previous seven appearances.
  3. Bruno Fernandez, Manchester United – ManU is a difficult side to predict. One day they might put on their A-game, and be painstakingly ordinary on the next. But Bruno Fernandez’s prolific stream so far has kept the Red Devils on their toes. The Portuguese midfield loves high-risk maneuvers and isn’t one for neat passes. And this attacking midfield strategy is what got him five goals and three assists from the previous seven matches of this season.
  4. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Tottenham Hotspur – Signed from Southampton this summer, Hojbjerg has been the surprise package for the Spurs this season. Although his skill and performance have been appreciated from his days at St. Mary’s. But the youngster decided to bring on his A-game this year. Hojbjerg has been destructive so far in the midfield, exactly what Mourinho signed him up for. And he has added an extra layer of security to the Spurs defense with Tanguy Ndombele.
  5. Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City – The PFA Footballer of the Year 2020, De Bruyne is doing quite well alongside Pep Guardiola’s boys. And it seems the youngster is getting off on the right foot as evident from a dominant streak in the past few games. After scoring one goal early on in the season, De Bruyne followed up with six assists from four games. He has played a key part in City’s performance against Liverpool and made all the difference against Sheffield United.

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