6 perks of using bet brokers over bookies

How easy can you find a list of online betting sites you can really trust? If you have the time to make a proper research, there’s a lot of data waiting for you out there. But we want to ask you something else — why are you searching for a complete list of all online bookmakers when you should be googling perks of using betting broker agencies! We’re PremiumTradings, and, yes, we’re a bet broker. We want you to have the bigger picture in your head, so we’ll give you 6 game-changing perks of using bet brokers over bookies that you need to know about.

A quick explanation of what bet broker is

A bet broker a.k.a. a betting agency is a mediator between you and a bookmaker. In other words, instead of going straight to a bookmaker’s website and register there, a bet broker does that for you. The reason you’d want it to do that for you is because you’ll have a single account connected to multiples bookmakers and exchanges.

Who is it for

Bet brokers’ services are tailored to meet the needs of big bettors who prefer placing really high stakes and are looking for very high odds. These are professional or semi-professional players. Also, it satisfies those punters who want to bet on exchanges but don’t have access to them. Or they simply want a better commission on them — bet brokers help with that too.

6 perks of using bet brokers over bookies

  1. Spoilt for choice & Trust — they have a portfolio of reputable bookies & exchanges they work with, and you can trust them
  2. Single account for many bookies — you can choose on which of all bookies & exchanges you want an account and a bet broker will open you one in as many of them as you want. I.e. you’ll have a single account connected to multiple bookies & exchanges you can bet on. 
  3. Accessibility — if you can’t access a bookmaker / an exchange due to whatever reasons, you can do so with the help of a bet broker. The reason — they can place your bets instead of you.
  4. Lower commission — there are extras such as getting a lower commission on an exchange you can take advantage of only through bet brokers 
  5. No limits — high stakes and best odds as you’ve never seen them before await you at no other place but with a bet broker only 
  6. Speed — specialized tools show you the best bets possible (stake & odds) on multiple bookies, and you can place those bet with a single click. Also, managing deposits and withdrawals on multiple bookmakers has never been easier. Using a bet broker you manage them through one account only.

So if you’re a punter who knows you can take it up on a professional lever, you want to use multiple bookies in a fast and secure way, and want high stakes and the best odds you can find on the market, then you should think bet brokers. And when you think bet brokers and perks, think PremiumTradings.


*Additional extras you get with PremiumTradings as a bet broker punter:

  • A portfolio with some of the big brands on the market and 10+ bookies and exchanges waiting for you
  • Cutting-edge brand new tools for the market such as the Bet Broker — an automated betting brokerage offering a service like Skype betting, and even better
  • Free transfer of funds from one account to another
  • Special Promos designed to make your stay with us a most enjoyable experience 
  • VIP Customer Service taking care of you and making you a priority 24/7

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