A Beginners’ Guide to In-Play Football Betting

Football is the most popular sport across the globe, and therefore, it isn’t surprising that many bettors wager their money on the beautiful game. Live football betting, in particular, has become popular, thanks to the belief that it’s easy to beat bookmarkers at their game when betting on an event as it happens. In addition, the excitement of real-time betting also contributes to the popularity significantly.

Despite this, live football betting is hard to handle. If you’re a newbie, the endless variety of choices at your disposal will undoubtedly overwhelm you. Thus, you need a live betting strategy that will enable you to make money out of your wagers. So, here’s the ultimate beginners’ guide to live football betting:

What is Live Football Betting?

As the name suggests, live betting entails placing wagers on football events as they take place. Contrary to what you may think, live football betting isn’t any different from traditional betting since you’ll still be trying to predict the outcome of the events. Likewise, bettors have a range of betting markets and wagers to choose from, and their selections are based on what they think will happen as a game goes by.

One major distinction between live football betting and traditional betting is the additional wagers on offer. A case in point is goal scorers in a football match. With traditional betting, it’s possible to wager on the player that will score first. If your prediction comes true, that market is settled.

With live betting, it’s possible to place a wager on the player that will score next. Thus, the market will also close as soon as the second player scores. Other in-play events you can bet on include the time of the next goal, the next team to score, the time of the next booking, and even the team to win the next corner. Simply put, the markets are endless.

Advantages of Live Betting

The biggest draw of live football betting is the limitless wagers on offer. There are endless betting opportunities you can leverage. With this comes a greater chance of coming across wagers that offer excellent value even to newbie bettors. Also, live football betting allows you to use more than one bookmarker. By comparing different odds and placing wagers with the most suitable bookmarkers, you increase your chances of winning.

Live football betting is characterized by ever-changing odds, which you can take advantage of. Typically, bookmarkers are known for setting their odds accurately. However, with live betting, bookmarkers need to adjust their odds constantly based on the flow of action in the events. The constant adjustments during gameplay are advantageous since they hardly find time to put much thought into them.

With live football betting, you make decisions based on the gameplay rather than expert analysis and other factors. Watching the action and judging the outcome yourself makes it easy to make better judgments than even the bookmarkers. Likewise, it’s easier to find favorable and valuable markets during gameplay.

Live Football Betting Tips

If you’re a newbie bettor, the tension will always mount as the clock ticks down. Live football betting has a higher risk and even higher returns than traditional football betting, but you can only make money if you know how to place bets on matches that are underway accurately. That said, here are some helpful live football betting tips:

Avoid Chasing Losses

Every bettor has a bad day in the office. There will be days when you find yourself on a losing streak when betting. If that’s the case, don’t forget about the basic rule of live football betting: Never chase losses. Indeed, live betting is a tempting way to recoup your lost bets. Nonetheless, you’re likely to commit mistakes when chasing losses. It’s best to keep in mind that in-play betting requires patience, focus, and preparation, which is unattainable when chasing losses.

Don’t Place Many Bets Concurrently

To win big on in-play betting, avoid placing many bets concurrently. Instead, focus on one or two markets and follow the action as it unfolds. In doing so, you’ll analyze the game better and make an informed decision with your subsequent wagers.

Do Your Due Diligence

Although betting is largely a game of chance, analyzing the teams beforehand increases your winning chances significantly. Any experienced bettor will tell you that analyzing an individual team’s stats and form is a powerful strategy. For instance, it will give you an idea about a team’s scoring patterns, and therefore, you’ll be able to place your wagers accurately.

Final Thoughts

As a punter, it’s best to have an idea about all the relevant aspects of live football betting. This way, you’ll be able to navigate the confusion surrounding live football betting and make money from your wagers. The beauty of live betting is that it’s ideal for both the risk-averse bettors and the more speculative and conservative ones.

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