Accumulators vs Singles/Doubles

I’ve been asked to put something together to address the differentials between accumulator betting and singles betting, so below is what I’ve come up with to try and help the betting world make progress, I’ve provocatively called it Accumulators vs Singles/Doubles!

In essence, I think that there is room for both accumulators and singles in football betting, as long as the bettor understands that accumulators are there for fun, not specifically to make money. Yes, I know that some accumulators will come in, and you’ll make a packet from it, but let’s be realistic; that doesn’t happen very often, does it? In terms of my own personal bets, I won my first 7-team accumulator at weekend for longer than I care to remember, although to be honest, that’s largely because I don’t make them nowadays. I felt inspired, placed the bet, and won. However, I’d have lost that accumulator, more often than not. Why?

Well, you’re basically asking for things to make sense for “x” number of games, and as we all know in football, it doesn’t always go that way. To chance your arm with one match is enough of a risk; to do so with more is asking for trouble. That’s why I say that accumulators should only ever be used as a fun method of football betting.

Now, as far as specifically trying to make money goes, I would always limit people to singles, doubles, and occasionally trebles. Singles and doubles are best, though – there is reduced risk of things happening to derail them. I’m not for one second saying that singles are doubles are guaranteed to win, because that’s simply not the case, but what I am saying is that they give you a greater chance of avoiding the unexpected on a percentile basis. You know, it’s all well and good to back Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, Ajax, Bayern Munich, and Monaco to win every weekend, but in an accumulator, you’re basically asking for none of those teams to;

  • Not have key players missing
  • Not have players sent off
  • Not have an off-day
  • Not be affected by a congested fixture list
  • Not have a more important game to prepare for
  • Not turn up to play on a pitch that even moles would complain about

And so on. It’s enough to ask for such to fall into place for one or two teams, never mind six plus!

Therefore, I would always suggest making accumulator bets with low stakes for fun, and higher stakes on singles/doubles. If you are patient, and maintain your approach, you should make money from the latter in the long-term, whereas the former is very random.

When I personally make an accumulator, I tend to make it so it’s between six and eight teams; more than the standard bets, but small enough to stand a reasonable chance. As a rule of thumb, I would have one “long shot” in there (anything from evens/2.00 upward), two that are 1/2 (1.50)-ish, and the rest with shorter odds. That way, you get good odds with less risk than usual, but still have the fun element. When it comes to doubles/singles, I tend to aim for between 4/5 (1.80) and 7/5 (2.40).

Any questions, ask!

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