An unfortunate price hike

Unfortunately as from today we have had to increase our prices to include VAT. This isn’t something we want to do but it something we have been forced to do.

There is new EU legislation that means we need to register for, and charge VAT on all our services.

Even though we are based in the UK (which has a 20% VAT) we have to charge VAT out at the rate of the country that someone buys from, which for some parts of the EU could be as high as 25%

When you go to our membership page you will see the prices without VAT, once you go into PayPal you will get the VAT added onto your bill.

This also means we can no longer do the recurring billing we used to, each month you will need to re-pay to use our services. This Sucks! We don’t want to have to do this but for some reason PayPal don’t let you add VAT onto subscription services.

We really hope you will bear with us through this hike and we can only hope this silly law will get overturned soon.

If you want to know more about the law please visit this useful page.

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