How to Make Money From Football Betting

Football betting isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no such thing as a dead cert and those that do make money on a long-term basis do this by working hard and identifying opportunities based on trends and stats.

However, for the recreational gambler, there are a number of strategies that can be deployed which will help you stand a much greater chance of getting a return from your football betting. You often need some fortune to win a bet, although here are some handy pointers which are worth bearing in mind.

Always Get the Best Football Odds

Some customers only have one online betting account that they use for all sports, including horse racing, golf, darts, tennis, snooker and so forth. This means that they always have to accept the bookmaker prices being offered. However, those that have multiple betting accounts are able to compare football odds and get the biggest price every time. By doing this every time, you don’t need to back as many winners to make a long-term profit.

Choose the Right Betting Markets

You don’t always have to bet on a team to win a particular match. After all, the leading betting sites offer hundreds of pre-match betting markets to customers. We tend to lean towards the two-way betting markets such as Total Goals or Both Teams to Score where you simply bet on one side of the line.

Similarly, if you do think a team is going to win a football match but find their odds are too short, there are number of ways of improving the price. For example, do you think this side will win the game without conceding? There’s also the chance to bet on a team to lead at half-time and full-time.

Create a Football Staking Plan and a Diary

Do you know how much you gamble on football matches every week or month? Do you know your overall profit and loss when it comes to your betting? It’s certainly worth keeping a log of how much you gamble and also how much you’re prepared to stake on a weekly basis. 

Once you have a weekly figure in mind, you might want to think about how that is broken down into a certain number of bets and stake size. You might even want to place bigger bets where you have the strongest opinion and smaller bets on outsider picks where you think the price is too big.

Consider Whether to Cash Out or Not

Every bookmaker offers a Cash Out facility right now and that means that there is regularly the opportunity to close out your bet. This might be for a profit, a loss or breaking even. Sometimes it makes sense to Cash Out, especially if you are sitting on a large potential profit from your bet although you need to consider whether the value is attractive.

Ultimately, the bookies want you to Cash Out so you have to consider that before triggering the early pay out. Sometimes the harder thing is to stay in the bet and sit tight, although the pay out is generally a good deal bigger.

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