Barcelona will hopefully sort out their finances for 24/25 season

Barcelona keep making the news for all the wrong reasons recently! The news came in yesterday that Barcelona president Joan Laporta confronted officials after their loss against Real Madrid.

From the referee report:

“Once the game had ended and with the refereeing team back in the dressing room, Barca president Laporta came in repeatedly asking for an explanation on certain decisions made in the game,” according to a referee report. “Laporta was asked to abandon the dressing room without any further incidents occurring.”

You can read more about this particular story on The Mirror.

Barca starting to pay their way

Something this month that maybe wasn’t as sensationalist as a team president causing a ruckus, was the news that Barcelona are hopeful that they can sort out their finances by the 2024/2025 season.

Barcelona is one of the top teams playing in La Liga, check out the punter’s page for their dedicated section on La Liga tips. Being a top team in one of the most prestigious leagues in the world certainly comes with some financial overheads. But it is safe to say that Barca have been spending way more than they’ve been earning for way too long.

Even with a good year this year, it seems like they still owe close to 1 billion Euro, which, let’s be honest, is more than a few extra kit sales or season tickets sold!

There is a fine balancing act between paying your debts and keeping your team competitive. It seems like for too long FC Barcelona have been on the wrong side of that line, and arguably still are! It was funny reading that Covid was mentioned as a reason for a particularly poor year, when of course the same restrictions applied to all teams. I don’t think they were any more at risk, save for their already massive bills.

FC Leeds?

A quick search across the net and you’ll see that football fans aren’t particularly happy with FC Barcelona and their spending habits. Quite a few are drawing parallels with Leeds United and how they mismanaged their finances. Here are two such tweets (which, trust me, did not take long to find!);

PS – we called it

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