Bet365 Review

Bet365 is one of the biggest, if not most famous, player on online betting industry. Through its various features, the company has successfully attracted more than 6 million users from 200 different countries. This article will try to review its service and how it revitalizes the betting industry.

Looking Through Bet365

So, what makes Bet365 interesting?


The company has its sports betting and finance licensed and regulated by the Britain Betting Commission. As for their betting activities, they are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar government.

Customer Service

Bet365’s customer service is available in multi languages. As for now, it supports English, Spanish, German, Italy, Denmark, Swedish, and many other languages. Furthermore, this feature is available through phone call, live chat, email, fax, and postal service.

Financial Activity

As for the company’s financial activity, there are plenty of things users can do on Bet365.

Payment method

Bet365 supports multiple currencies. They include Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Leva, Reais, Canadian Dollar, Yuan, Koruni, Kroner, Euro, Hongkong Dollar, Rupee, Yen, Ringgit, Mexico Peso, New Zealand Dollar, Norway Kroner, Zlotych, New Lei, Kronor, Singapore Dollar, Rand, Franc, Taiwanese Dollar, Baht, Poundsterling, American Dollar, and many more.

Making deposit and withdrawal

For withdrawal and deposit purposes, the company supports multiple methods. They include most debit and credit cards, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Electron, Laser, NETeller, Skrill/Moneybookers, PayPal, InstaDebit, Ukash, Click2Pay, Paysafecard, wire transfer, bank transfer, and check.

Transfer time

Bet365 guarantees quick transfer time. Skrill/Moneybookers users can receive their money within 2-3 hours. This is much faster than wire transfer or debit/credit card, which usually takes 1-2 business days.

Betting events, mobile betting, and live betting

Bet365 offers various betting events and methods, from online, mobile betting, and many more. Their live betting, for example, comes with live streaming feature which many bettors consider as one of the best features on online betting industry. This platform is also compatible for various operating systems, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. The company is also said to be in progress developing support for other operating systems.

Multiple betting

At Bet365, players can bet over multiple events. For example, a player can initially choose Arsenal. During the match, he/she can also choose to join another match to increase his/her winning chance. This is a great feature, considering the risk this platform should bear.
Partial withdrawal

Partial withdrawal gives users more control over his/her betting activities and decision when to withdraw the money from his/her account anytime. This is important because at some platform, players need to wait until a betting is concluded before he/she can withdraw the money.


This one is the most important thing to remember about Bet365. When compared to other platforms, Bet365 is one of the most reliable places to bet on the web. To ensure its reliability, all activities done under this platform are licensed and regulated by the British government for more than 30 years. All services done without major problems. This is how the company has simply become one of the most trusted place to gamble on the web.

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