BetBallers Review

BetBallers is a website with the aim of giving football betting punters all the information they need to have a better chance of winning.

They do this by offering a unique tool for football bettors that gives extensive coverage of every football match, with full statistics and updated betting odds from pre-match until the final whistle blows.


When first visiting the site, users will find a homepage filled with vital information about what BetBallers offers. This gives a brief insight into the features of this unique tool, which allows potential customers the chance to see what is available before committing to signing up.

There are three main menu items, which are “in-play”, “schedule”, and “results”, which provide the following when visiting each section.


This section provides up-to-date scores and statistics from all matches currently being played.

Users can filter by league or team, if required, and will be able to see statistical information such as number of attacks, number of shots, corners, and cards shown, as well as the latest score and regularly updated betting odds.

Each in-play match has a symbol next to it which allows users to open a page with full statistics for that particular match.

Stats can be shown in full, for just the first half, or for just the second half. Users can also add or remove leagues, add favourites, and set up notifications so that they are provided with just the information they request.

A nice addition, which isn’t widely available elsewhere, is the ability for users to filter using criteria such as underdog performing well, favourite team losing, and momentum change. This is particularly useful for those who may like to back favourites in-play once they have already fallen behind.


This section gives subscribers a full list of upcoming matches for the next seven days, with latest pre-match betting odds and links to full match statistics.

These stats include team information such as recent form, goals scored/conceded, minutes of each goal, goals to shots ratio and much more.

There’s also head to head information provided, with results and stats from previous meetings between the sides, and betting odds for several different markets at more than twenty different betting sites.

Again, the schedule is fully customisable with the user able to filter by league/team and set notifications or favourites.


This section provides recent football results, but it also gives much more information than that.

Full results and statistics are shown for every football match played that day, including things such as number of dangerous attacks, shots on target, corners, and cards shown for each team. Betting information is also given for markets such as Asian handicap and goal line.

A separate page can be opened, as in the other sections, which shows detailed stats and a timeline of key events which happened during the match. Detailed charts are also available for dangerous attacks, shots on and off target, possession, and other useful information.

As well as a full list of results, users can opt to select to view by “rank underdogs”. This gives a list of results where the team with longer betting odds were victorious. The same information is shown as on the full list, but this option enables users to keep a detailed record of outsiders who won, and that info could come in useful next time they play.

First half stats can also be shown alongside the full-time information, allowing football bettors to compare a team’s performances in each half.

Other Menu Items

At the top of the screen, next to your username and date, there are some other menu items which provide further useful information.

As well as a link to your account, where you can update your password or change/renew subscription, there is a section where matches which have been favourited are listed. This is along with two sections titled “statistics” and “leagues”.


This section gives users up-to-date statistics including top 30 charts for teams and leagues, with information regarding goals scored/conceded, dangerous attacks, corners, and more.

These lists let users see which teams are performing best in each area, which gives them an edge when betting on things like over/under corners for each team or over/under goals scored.

League stats are available by selecting a specific league or competition, with averages shown for each team within that league/competition for several different areas.

The underdog/favourite section provides extremely useful information regarding which teams have won most as the underdog or lost most as the favourite. This gives bettors knowledge of which teams perform well as the outsiders or struggle as favourites.

There is also information regarding Asian handicap and goal line markets.


This section includes the same information as found in the above statistics section, but also gives an up-to-date league table, results and stats from most recent matches, upcoming fixtures, and top lists for goal scorers, most assists, cards, and injuries.


At the top of all main pages on the site there is a “notifications” tab where users can go to set notifications for specific matches or markets.

There are 18 pre-set notifications that the user can select to receive either by e-mail or via Google Push notification. These include notifications for drop in betting odds, goals scored, red card shown, underdog winning, momentum changes, corners, goal line alerts, and more.

For Asian Handicap, Goal Line, or Corners notifications for a specific match, the user can select the bell symbol next to that match on the in-play or schedule pages. They can then select one or any combination of these events to receive notifications for.

Also, as well as the pre-set or market specific notifications, subscribers can choose to customise their notifications and create their own criteria for the information they receive via e-mail or Google Push.

Signing Up

Signing up for the site is straightforward and takes a matter of seconds.

An active e-mail address is required and info such as full name is needed to register, after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to set up a password.

Users can then select their subscription level, with “Gold-Baller” access available to purchase for two days, one month, or six months. This gives subscribers full access to all features on the site for the specified time-period selected.

There is also a two-day free trial available, which gives users limited access to the site for 48 hours, so they can essentially try before they buy.

Several payment methods are accepted, including paypal and skrill.

As an extra benefit, customers who use the discount code “thefootytipster” will receive €10 off a month “Gold-Baller” pass which usually costs €29.90.

In Conclusion

BetBallers is a site like no other, providing football bettors with a unique tool and access to a myriad of vital statistics that are so comprehensive it’s impossible to detail them all within one article.

With multiple leagues available, historical statistics dating back to 2015, and incredibly detailed analytical information, users will be hard-pressed to find anything similar elsewhere.

This unique tool gives football bettors a higher chance of winning and is available in seven different languages so punters from all over the world can take advantage of it.

The site claims on their homepage that they provide a “must-have tool for football bettors” and after seeing what they offer, it’s impossible to disagree with that statement.

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