Betting Exchange Questions

Recently we published an article “6 perks of using bet brokers over bookies“. I really enjoyed reading about bet brokers as it is something I’ve never really heard of before.

I still had some questions, so I contacted Ivo from Premium Tradings to see if he would be be kind enough to answer some questions I had about betting exchanges and bet brokers.

What qualifies as a high stakes bet?

A high stake bet depends on which method to bet you use.

On average, we can say from experience it is between the range of 500€ and can go really high as in up to 10K€.

The minimum bet for Skype betting is 1000€. Skype betting is for real high stake bettors.

Using our Bet Broker Betting tool the minimum deposit is 100€ but the stake bet can be anything, meaning it can be even a few euro.

When betting in any of the 10+ Asian bookies we offer, the bet requests can be any, just like with the Bet Broker tool.

Can you explain what “Skype Betting” is?

Skype betting gives the opportunity to bettors who want to play big to place much higher stakes than bookies would allow them. That is why professional players come to us.

All they need to have is a Skype account. Then we give you the Skype of our traders where you can write live to them so they can accept your stake if it’s above the limits.

With Skype betting players:

  • Can place the high stakes that bookies wouldn’t allow them
  • Get really high odds
  • Can place their bets live, while being on Skype chat with a trader
  • Get confirmation right away that the bet is accepted

How does someone register for Skype Betting?

The player needs to register and state they’re interested in Skype betting. Then we provide them with the Skype of our traders. They chat with them live and share the details of the bet they want our traders to place for them in the following format:

  • League the bet to be placed on
  • Bet type they want us to place
  • Stake amount and odds they want for this bet

Once details are received on Skype, our traders confirm they got the bet request and respond within few minutes if the bet is successfully placed.

Can you explain what a Betting Exchange is?

A betting exchange is a platform where you can bet on just about anything really. Also, you get better odds!

With betting exchanges you can place both lay and back bets on various markets. Betting exchanges offer all the sports and markets a standard bookie does, as well as the option to bet on more specific ones, such as:

  • cricket
  • American football
  • Rugby union
  • greyhound racing
  • mixed martial arts
  • gaelic games
  • financial bets
  • cycling
  • e-sports
  • darts
  • cross fit
  • curling
  • biathlon
  • politics
  • entertainment
  • etc. you get the picture…

How often does PremiumTradings add new bookies into their roster?

We constantly strive to enrich our portfolio so that our players have a wider choice where to bet. This means we’re always looking for new opportunities and are in constant communication with bookies to make sure they can offer what our players need. As long as we make sure there’s a good match, we take advantage of it.

What are the most common questions you get asked from new users?

There are quiet a few, here are the most common along with their answers:

What do you offer?

We’re a betbroker which means you can have accounts which will not be limited or closed and you can monitor them altogether. You can manage multiple accounts in 10+ of the best Asian bookies from one single main account through our platform. Also, taking advantage of Skype betting and Bet Broker betting, you can get the highest limits and odds possible! Offering VIP service and special attention to each player are a must for us and you get that from your first contact with PremiumTradings.

What’s the cost of using PremiumTradings?

There is absolutely no monthly subscription fee for using our services, оnly charges for covering transaction fees. And we even offer deposit methods which have no deposit fees.

There are some deposit fees which vary depending on the payment method you use but nothing fixed that goes above 3%, depending on the amount.

The same as the above goes for withdrawal fees, as there are no such for the 1st month of your play.

How much is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for most of the services we offer is 100€.

What promotions do you have? Do we have Cashback?

Currently, we offer 20% cashback on one of our unique products. Players can contact us on Live Chat where we give them more details on the promo and can help them activate it.

Also, we have a Refer-a-Friend promotion. If you bring a friend to us who deposits a minimum of 100€, we will give you a commission of 0.1% from your friend’s turnover for the first month of his play. What is more, your friend will also benefit from Refer-a- Friend by getting 0.1% from their turnover back for the first month. Fair enough for both sides!

What is Bet Broker?

Bet Broker is an automated betting brokerage with a “bet by request” option. It is a tool that allows you to place bets with really high stakes, and take advantage of the best odds possible. Customers can conveniently use it right from their account’s Private Area. It is like Skype betting and even better.

With Broker Bet you can log in your account and make your desired selection of bet. Once you enter a desired higher stake than the one stated to be the maximum, a new window will appear where you can write the minimum odds you are willing to accept for this stake or to send a message to the trader who will work on your bet in the chat room. Then a real trader starts working on it immediately.

What KYC (know your customer) data is required?

These are the standard documents — ID or passport, utility bill on one’s name or bank statement, and a screen of e-wallet account / or a bank statement if payment method is bank.

Your questions about betting exchanges

I’d like to thank Ivo for taking the time to answer all my questions in such great detail. If you have any questions about betting exchanges, bet brokers, or Premium Tradings please leave a comment below and I will try and get your questions answered.

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