Bye Bye Facebook

Today I went to update something on our Facebook page and I received a notice that the page had been unpublished. I wasn’t given any prior warning this was going to happen and I wasn’t given a reason any more detailed than “breaking terms of use” (which I was pretty confident we haven’t done).

I emailed them and received the following response;

Thanks for writing in. I’m here to help.
Your Page was unpublished because it doesn’t follow the Pages Terms.
Pages may not promote real-money gambling on the platform, unless prior approval has been provided by Facebook.
For more information, please read the Pages Terms:

This is really annoying for several reasons;

  • We got no warning to let our users know.
  • Lots of people (over 4000) used our Facebook page and many people contacted us through it as their primary means of communication.
  • There are hundreds of other websites, many of which have more followers that are still operating.
  • We used to spend money on advertising on Facebook.
  • We don’t even promote real-money gambling, we provide (excellent) football tips. You cannot place a bet from our website.

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