Get Free Tips and Predictions for the Footy in The Netherlands

For a time, it has been difficult to bet legally on football in the Netherlands, however, things have now changed.

Gambling is a very popular activity across the world, and although some countries still ban individuals from betting online or in brick-and-mortar premises, the activity still continues.

The Netherlands though has chosen to help punters to gamble legally and safely online. On the 1st of October, the Netherlands Times reported that it was now legally possible to bet online with certain operators.

There are now ten legal operators inside the Netherlands with licenses to provide sportsbooks and casino games online. Out of these ten licensees, two are state-owned, while the others hail from the UK, Belgium, Malta, and the Netherlands. 

What are the benefits to punters having these new operators?

There is some applause to be awarded to the Dutch government for this decision. Of course, there is always the risk of problem gambling and other issues.

However, by legalising online gambling to some degree, the government has provided a safe environment for punters who want to place bets on the footy and other sports.

It is commonplace for individuals to place bets online in countries where gambling is banned and this entails certain risks. Without properly regulated online gambling, people will use offshore vendors, some of which may be unlicensed. This exposes the gambler to potentially losing money through fraud, and having information stolen during data breaches.

Now there are plenty of options for Dutch gamblers, the next issue is where to find tips for the footy games. 

What do Dutch sports betting fans want?

The most commonly followed and viewed sport in the Netherlands is football. There are many other popular sports in this region too, including darts, field hockey, and Formula One.

Football is also the most played sport, so it stands to reason that it is probably the game that attracts the most bets too. There are different types of gambles though, and they range from the casual, who bets on major events such as the Euros and the FA Cup final, to more serious types. These are the ones who study form, know all the players who are injured or fit, and analyze data, to try and predict the outcome of games.

This last type of gambler will want to learn about the history of football, and all ins-and-outs of VAR, how happy the skipper is on match day, and what the manager had for breakfast.

What all gamblers want though, is an odds-on, can’t fail, betting tip that will bring in a win, or even better, an acca for a nice fat profit. 

Where can Dutch fans get free predictions and tips in the Netherlands?

Due to the internet being a tool that is available worldwide, apart from under some dubious regimes, football tips aren’t restricted just to the Netherlands.

Fans there can access tips specifically for the Eredeversie, or they can find predictions for the EPL, Ligue 1, or American sports events. The internet has opened up sports betting markets globally for punters to enjoy.

As long as the in-shop or online operator is legal and licensed, footy fans in the Netherlands can bet on any sport. Getting the tips though requires a different, independent source.

Here are a few ways that footy fans can get their weekly tips:

  • A dedicated tipster website (like this one)
  • A Toto betting tip site
  • Mobile applications
  • Instagram betting tipsters
  • Facebook betting tipsters
  • Bloggers
  • Your mate down the pub

You may notice that some of these sources are going to be more reliable and successful than others. Look at them all in more detail below. 

A dedicated footy tip site like this one

These sites are often run by a team of individuals with a love of football. They will update regularly, and publish articles on all aspects of football.

These sites will give you pointers for the best footy odds for different leagues, while also offering interesting editorials. If you want to see a post on power ranking the top 6 teams for the World Cup in 2022, while also checking out Spurs’ chances of winning a trophy this year, these sites are perfect.

Anyone looking for footy tips specifically for the Netherlands though will have to search for something a little more specific. 

Toto prediction websites

Before another nine operators were handed licenses for online gambling, Toto was the place that everyone in the Netherlands used for footy bets.

Regardless of the new gambling operators who have just started, Toto remains very popular. It was the first legal way to bet on football results and remains the oldest. Add to this the ability to bet on sports other than football, and it is clear why a loyal fan base remains.

Anyone wanting footy tips in the Netherlands should go to a Toto voorspellingen website, or Toto predictions site (for non-Dutch speakers). There you will find similar information as this site publishes, but it will be strictly written for Toto gamblers. 

Mobile applications

One growing area is the automation of football predictions. Some developers claim to have created algorithms that can analyse sporting data and make predictions.

Any Arsenal fan knows that history and statistics don’t matter sometimes. Especially when you’re meeting Wrexham away in the FA Cup. 

Instagram betting tipsters

In the US, Instagram has become a major platform for influencers giving out gambling tips. These range from which casinos to visit, and which games are the best, to sports bets.

Some of the biggest names include Big Rob Styles and Bar Stool Bets. The latter appear not to take themselves too seriously and generally lose.

In Europe, there are a number of individuals and companies who are using Instagram for the same purpose. Some are pushing paid-for predictions and mobile apps, and others dole out tips for free.

Generally, losses and wins are displayed, but as always, be cautious with your bets. 

Facebook betting tipsters

Similar to the Instagram version but quite often hidden in private groups. Sometimes you simply have to apply to gain entry to weekly predictions, but other times you need to pay a regular subscription. 


These work exactly the same way as the Facebook and Instagram tipsters do. Some will be amateurs, and some are veteran gamblers who work at their blogs full-time.

There are free footy tips on blogs across the internet. How good the advice is will vary wildly.

Your mate down the pub

Everyone has one. The mate that is a regular gambler and always tells you the wins, but not all of the losses. If you have a friend who has good knowledge of footy in the Netherlands, then maybe, maybe, they can provide you with some tips. 


The Netherlands is a very sports-oriented country indeed. Out of the Netherland’s population of 17 million, 5 million are registered with a sports club.

This impressive statistic points towards their new online gambling laws being successful. Although there is concern over whether individuals will find it too easy to place bets, the nation clearly spends a lot of time involved in sports and not just gambling on them.

The Netherlands only just squeaked into the 2022 World Cup, but they might be one to watch. Keep an eye on free Toto predictions that could give you a leg up when betting on the biggest football event next year.

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