Can Liverpool give Jurgen Klopp a silver(ware) lining?

Jurgen Klopp stunned the football world when announcing that he would be severing ties with Liverpool in the summer of 2024.

All good things must come to an end, but those at Anfield did not expect such a day to arrive quite so soon. Having seen a charismatic coach commit to a contract through to 2026, the expectation was that a long goodbye would be taken in before attention turned towards finding another boss. That search has already begun, with the most prominent of posts about to open up.


While some have questioned the timing of Klopp’s bombshell, he may have got it spot on. In many ways, he has given those at his disposal – and a loyal legion of supporters in the stands – a cause to get behind.

It would be fitting if he bows out with more major honours. Liverpool remains highly fancied in betting on sports markets focused on domestic and continental competition.

Enter prices into an odds calculator for the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup or Europa League and there’s still a possibility of Klopp walking away with multiple titles to his name. He has already conquered the English game, claiming every trophy up for grabs there, and has a Champions League memento sitting proudly on his mantelpiece.

Klopp has never won the Europa League – suffering heartache against Sevilla back in 2016 – and that is a wrong that he would love to right. Liverpool are 11/5 favourites to go all the way in that competition this season – with the final set to take place a short hop over the Irish Sea from Merseyside in Dublin on May 22.

By the time that show-piece event rolls around, the Reds will hope to have lifted at least one piece of silverware on home soil. They know how to get over the line in a bid for Premier League supremacy, with world-class talent and vast experience at their disposal, while Manchester City showed in 2023 that clean sweeps are possible.

Klopp is eager to ensure that his declaration of departure does not become a distraction. He has given everybody time to absorb and digest that information before the real business of trophy hunting begins.

One of the most decorated tacticians around has said: “Let’s make a strength of it. That would be really cool. Let’s squeeze everything out of this season and have another thing to smile about when we look back in the future.” 


Klopp has given Liverpool supporters plenty to smile about down the years. He is assured of standing amongst the immortals at Anfield, with a seat ready to be pulled up for him next to the likes of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish.

His reputation would not be tarnished if he were to walk away empty-handed in 2023-24, with his achievements in the most demanding of roles set to stand the test of time. Klopp is a winner, though, and it would take a brave soul to bet against him bringing the curtain down at Liverpool without more golden medals hanging around his neck.

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