Early Premier League predictions for next year

The drama of Euro 2020 has meant the gambling world has had its attention firmly focused on Europe for the past few weeks. This year’s event had all the twists and turns for which the tournament has become famous over the years, and it attracted bettors from every corner of the globe.  

 Now that the dust has settled, life can return to normal. The Aussies can get back to their beloved pokies via sites like https://www.aussieonlinepokies.com/ and over in the US, attention is turning back to Major League Baseball. But what does that leave for footy fans still feeling the itch and wanting to lay down a wager? Well, the European Cup has effectively distracted us for half the summer, and the new domestic season is only a few short weeks away.  

 What better time to dive in with some early predictions for the Premier League 2021/22? Remember, you heard it here first!  

A quick recap 

 Last year, the season was slow to get underway for non-footballing reasons, and when it did so, games were contested behind closed doors. The first half of the season was closely fought out, with both Manchester teams, Liverpool, Spurs and even Leicester City all duking it out. It was only after the New Year that City got into a groove and pulled clear of the rest, ultimately winning the league at a canter.  

 At the other end of the table, the previous year’s unlikely heroes Sheffield United found things a whole lot tougher and were always destined to go down. Fulham and West Brom joined them. 

 City will be hard to beat 

 Don’t expect any big changes at the sharp end of the table. The Manchester City machine might have glitched in 2019/20, but they looked as strong a unit as ever by the end of last year, and that won’t have changed significantly in a few short months. The main bookies have them odds on to retain the trophy, and if you see anyone offering even money, grab it with both hands.  

 If anyone can launch a formidable challenge, Chelsea could be the ones to watch. They underperformed domestically last year, but their Champions League win will leave them full of confidence and with a point to prove. Manchester United and Liverpool will also be there or thereabouts, but expect the other London teams to struggle to hang on in the top six.  

 Watch out for the new arrivals 

 Looking for a dark horse? Leicester have done it so many times the title no longer really fits, but the newly promoted Norwich could be a tempting shout, not to pull off a shock victory, but to go against their yoyoing reputation and finish the season comfortably clear of the rest in the top half. Of the other promoted teams, expect it to be a gritty battle for survival for Watford and Brentford. 

 The new season gets underway on 13 August, so don’t delay – it will be on us before we know it.  

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