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I wanted to write up a quick article called Football Betting Tips Today were I discuss the importance of getting your football betting tips early, but not too early!

We have a policy at The Footy Tipster of putting our betting tips up at shortly after midnight on the day that the tip is for. We will do this even if Ian has originally drafted the bets earlier on the day before. The reason we do this is because there is a trade off between things changing (which we want to capture) and getting you the information as soon as possible.

If we gave you the betting tips as soon as Ian wrote it then you might not get any changes he has made based on new information.

If we gave you the football betting tips 5 minutes before kick off you would not have time to digest his opinions and form your bets correctly.


Today’s Football Betting Tips Today

So why do we pick shortly after midnight? Surely there will be no matches happening then?

Maybe not, but remember that our users come from all over the world, this is why we allow people to translate our pages and why we post so early, this means that even though we are based in the UK people from anywhere will be able to get football betting tips today, that morning, wherever they are.

It also means there is still normally a good amount of time so that our amazing community can comment on the posts, adding their own thoughts and feelings, naturally as well any news that would effect today’s tips will get posted as a comment also.

What are you waiting for? Get your Football Betting Tips Today!

Naturally I should end this article by pointing out that if you want today’s football betting tips (both free and paid) you should visit our homepage!

I would also love to hear your thoughts on how early is too early for receiving football tips? Comment below!

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