Fun facts about the J1 League

J1 League is a Japanese Professional football league, a most successful League football founded in 1992. It has 20 teams with the 1 level of the pyramid. And have a fantastic fan following.

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This is an 11-month league, it is preferred to prevent the game from harsh winter weather. It starts from February and ends in December.


 It has the domestic Cup known as Emperor Cup, Suji Xerox Super Cup, and a League Cup which is YBC  Levain cup and also have an international Cup known as AFC champion league. They have their champion who held 3rd title, Kawasaki Frontale, in 2020  and their top goalscorer 179 go, is Yoshito Ōkubo. 


 Japan National Team won the bronze Olympic medal at the 1968 games in Mexico.  The FSL incorporation of the two-division system for 1999, the foreman League also restructured and became the third charge in the Japan football league. In 2003, the extra time is abolished and the traditional point system is adopted. By 2004 the commencement to like the promotion and relations theory by 2005 s. In 2006 league got an expansion committee that reintroduces the J.league Associate Membership. Urawa Red Diamonds in the 2007 win AFC Champions League. By 2008, Osaka wins the 2018 Champions League. And by 2009 the promotion and relegation series is eliminated and 16th place got relegated.  2015 the J.league championship qualifies FIFA World Cup.  2016 FIFA world cup final reached by Kashima Antlers and became only Japanese club to reach the FIFA goal scorer red diamonds in the 2017 AFC Champions League becomes the first Japanese club to win. In 2018, Kashima Antlers wins 2018  FIFA Club World Cup, by finishing at 4th spot. By 2019 the Asian Slot is removed. And there was no spot due to pandemic in 2020.


After the Chinese league, the J1 League is the second leading best in east Asia. And ha huge following and people also do play bet on footballers.


Julio Salinas became the first Spaniard to play J1 League when signing Yokohoma  Marinos in 1997. Txiki Begiristain soon joined and followed to complete his career playing football Urawa Red Diamonds.


J1 League foreign players from Albania, Austria, Australia, Barbados Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil,  Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Poland, Denmark, Egypt, El Salvador, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, England, France, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad, and Tobago Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Ghana, Bulgaria, China, Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, Venezuela, Vietnam, India, Wales and many other participants from different countries.


 People choose the J1 league and J1 best player for a bet. The most expensive player and high scoring teams, the stats football play help to predict for a bet and win. Tsubasa Ozura and Oliver Aarem are highly recognised by the fans and their anime characters are also getting admired by their fans.


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