How Can Fantasy Premier League Market Itself to an Even Greater Player Base?

Fantasy football games have been running alongside the Premier League for years, but the official Fantasy Premier League offering is the best of them all. Since its inception in the 2002-03 season, it has gone from strength to strength. Now, some players take it as seriously as the sport itself.

There are more than 10 million people playing FPL globally, and it could be time for the Premier League to up its marketing game to bring it to even more people.

Breaking Into Football Slot Games Could be a Great Option

The entertainment industry offers an excellent place to reach more players, and it’s a common strategy in the modern age. There are many casino gambling games based on football, highlighting how slot players have a keen interest in the sport. These include titles like Football Hero and Football Cash Collect, and there’s plenty of room for future titles in the category.

The online casino playing demographic may not even be aware of FPL, which is why an FPL licenced slot could be such a clever marketing strategy. Players in search of football games may discover it, and then this could encourage them to find out more about it. The mechanics of FPL may appeal to fans of gambling games, seeing as it involves planning and strategy. There’s no money involved, but players can create mini leagues and play against one another for bragging rights.

More Televised FPL Content Would be Excellent

Television streaming platforms are another untapped resource for FPL to take advantage of in the search for more players. Netflix and its rivals now have a vast amount of sports content, highlighting the widespread interest in this type of programming. Some of the best sports offerings in recent years include Welcome to Wrexham and All or Nothing: Arsenal. The All or Nothing series has covered many different clubs and could potentially do something about FPL players to provide some never before seen content.

In recent years, FPL has had some coverage on television. There are a couple of FPL talk shows in which long term experts of the game meet to discuss their weekly decisions. This has helped boost the player base because it has given more people the knowledge they need to play on a strategic level. If this was scaled up into a Netflix offering, it would be able to reach a much larger crowd.

FPL Grows Bigger Every Year

The number of people playing FPL is increasing every year, and there has been a surge in growth recently thanks to the rise in content creators on YouTube and X. There are also several FPL specialist sites that help players with their transfer planning. Some have even begun to integrate artificial intelligence tools to guide even more accurate decision making.

FPL is a great accompaniment to the Premier League, as it gives fans a greater reason to get invested in the games. Now that it is open to more than 10 million players, it could be time for the Premier League to use modern entertainment to market it to an even greater number of players.

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