How to Bet on the Bundesliga: A Detailed Betting Guide

German football is well regarded around the globe. Some of the top clubs in the world play in Germany’s football league, and they are followed as well as supported by passionate fans who fill the stadiums whenever there is a game. The quality of football in Germany can be seen each season in European club competitions where top teams from Germany’s top division compete in the latter stages of the Europa League and the Champions League. 

Placing bets on the Bundesliga is equally very popular among punters from Germany and other parts of the world. Bookmakers currently offer a massive array of different types of bets and markets for football. Most of the Germany football matches are available to watch via sportsbook live streaming services and UK TVs. If you do your homework correctly; you will find the Bundesliga a profitable league when it comes to betting online on football.

Various betting venues provide punters with the opportunity to bet on Bundesliga games, and Betfair is one of them. Before you can sign up with this top sportsbook, it is advisable to check out a detailed Betfair review on Reading the review will allow you to learn more about all the features available on the platform. Keep reading to find out more about how to bet on the Bundesliga before you can sign up with the sportsbook and start placing wagers on this top league in Europe. 

What You Should Know About the Bundesliga

Bundesliga is a top league in Germany. It has also seen its international popularity and prominence grow massively in recent years. Germany’s Bundesliga is currently the second in popularity, only behind the English Premier League. And it’s considered the third-richest football league in the entire world as the English Premier League and La Liga are in front of it. 

The league consists of a total of 18 clubs. Out of these clubs, Bayern Munich is the big money-maker thanks to its estimated brand value of approximately £1.2 billion. Also, Bayern Munich has dominated the league, winning the most trophies.

The Bundesliga enjoys the best attendance of all top football leagues in Europe and across the universe. It retained first place ahead of EPL, averaging more than 44,500 supporters per match, 6,000 more than the English Premier League. With the excitement and thrill that the different games in the league offer, this football competition will only keep attracting massive crowds in the world.

None of the top leagues in Europe can match the action that Germany’s Bundesliga provides on the field, with a record of around 3.04 goals in a single match. Also, the Bundesliga has experienced fewer goalless matches than any other top league in the world of football. It is the soccer business as it is meant to be.

How the Bundesliga Works

The Bundesliga has had more than 50 seasons. This means that all of the 18 teams have been battling it out to be the champions in the country by finishing at the top of the league table. Below is the structure of Germany’s Bundesliga.

Bundesliga Champions

There’re 18 teams that compete in the Bundesliga, with each one of them playing a total of 34 games across the season. This means 17 matches at home and 17 away. In the league, there’re no playoffs to decide the winner or prizes at the top of the league’s table. Teams that win a match are given three points and only one for a draw. Any team that completes the league with the most points is crowned as the champion.

If teams complete the league with the same number of points, Germany’s Bundesliga uses the following to separate them: 

  • Away goals scored. 
  • Head-to-head goal difference. 
  • Head-to-head away goals scored. 
  • Goal difference.
  • Total goals scored.

And if these criteria cannot separate the teams, there is a playoff to determine the winner. But it is very rare to reach the stage of playing the playoff.

European Qualification

It is not all about the top spot that all the teams in the Bundesliga compete for. They also compete to get a chance to play in top European competitions. As a result of the Bundesliga’s strong UEFA coefficient rankings, the fourth-placed club enters qualification at the Champions League playoff stage while the top three teams automatically enter into the group stages of the Champions League.

Any team that finishes in the fifth position is sure to secure a spot in the UEFA Europa League group stage. The team that completes the league in the sixth position must participate and qualify from the third qualifying stage of the Europa League. These qualifications can change at the end of the season since the champions of the German Cup are sure to secure a Europa League place. 

In the 2015/2016 season, Bayern Munich was crowned as the German Cup champions, so the sixth and seventh-placed teams, which were Mainz and Hertha Berlin, entered the group stages and qualifying rounds of the Europa League, respectively.


As mentioned earlier, a total of 18 teams compete in the Bundesliga. While each of the teams would want to be crowned the champion, there are those that do their best to retain a spot in the league. The league only rewards one winner, but three clubs can be relegated from it into the Bundesliga 2 competition. For some Germany clubs, surviving in the top league is a great achievement for them.

Two teams in the bottom positions of the Bundesliga league are relegated automatically after playing all of the 34 games. And the team that completes the league in the third position from the bottom must participate in the playoff games against the team that finishes third in the second league, which is Bundesliga 2. The playoffs are two-legged, meaning each team must play one game away and at home. A winning team between the two is provided with a spot in the top league. It is important to note that the teams in the top fight do not always win the playoffs since the lower-ranked side can take advantage of its excellent form and win to participate in Germany’s Bundesliga.

Winter Break

Similar to many top leagues across Europe, Germany’s Bundesliga has a break. In most cases, the winter break starts between 20th and 21st December, resuming between 20th and 22nd January. Apart from the break, all fixtures in the Bundesliga normally take place during the weekends. However, some matches occur during the weekdays.

Popular Ways to Place Wagers on the Bundesliga Events

Placing bets on Germany’s top football league is something that every individual can do. Football is one of the sports that appeal to a wide range of punters. Whether you are betting on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will find different ways to place your bets on the Bundesliga events. These popular ways include 3-way betting, over/under, point spread, Asian Handicap, features, in-play betting, live scores, live odds and props, to name just a few of them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some useful information about the Bundesliga, you can now go through the comprehensive Betfair review on to learn more about the bookmaker before you can place bets on some of the football events available. 

Betfair offers a massive list of Bundesliga betting options and markets that you can pick from. So check out the review, and if possible, sign up to start placing wagers on Germany’s Bundesliga.

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