How to bet on the French ligue 1: 10 Tips from meilleur site de paris sportif

Ligue 1 remains an exciting championship that is full of many surprises, twists and turns despite having a few teams that really stand out (PSG, Lyon, Olympic Marseille). This at times makes it hard for punters to read and identify to be able to predict. It is however possible for anyone to see the winner and increase his winnings by having the right kind of information and habits. This article aims to give you 10 tips on how you can successfully bet on league 1

Number 10 – Study the statistics

Things you should ask yourself include questions such as;

How many goals are scored by the team per game on average? At which point of the game does the team tend to concede or score goals? This important information can be found on sites such as You can also compare the figures with the other past seasons to know the team’s overall style during the game.

Number 9 – Study the teams’ composition

Do the teams have any players who are injured or suspended? Is one player playing less efficiently than normal? Are the key players on the field? Are there any replacements made and what is the ability and level of the incoming player? The analysis of score sheets and knowledge on the physical state of the players is a key and important tool before placing bets.

Number 8 – Look at the latest results from the previous face to face meetings

It is not unusual to find that a team will have an opponent who constantly beats them with no reasonable explanation. On paper, it looks like a clear winning case because of the psychological and physical advantages but then it’s stuck. You should therefore watch keenly the history of the matches and figure out how many times the team has won both home and away. For example, a team like Olympic Marseille never wins at home against Bordeaux and Lyon always beats Strasbourg.

You should only proceed to bet on your team of choice if the indicators are good and in your favor and it’s advisable to refrain if you are in doubt.

Number 7 – Pay keen attention to the new recruits

Often, the new players coming into a team need time to adapt. In the case that your team of choice has recruited many new players and their preparation games did not seem convincing, you are better served abstaining from betting on them or on the other hand you could take the opportunity and bet on the opposition.

Number 6 – Do an in-depth analysis of the latest results in order to determine the team’s dynamics

You should look at the results from the previous matches to determine whether the team is on a winning run or if on the contrary it’s on the downward slope. For example, when a big team wins six or seven times in a row and the meets a team that is on its level, the form of winning will continue. On the other hand, it is safe to assume that a team which has been losing often in the previous games will also lose the next match even if the opponent is not necessarily stronger.

Number 5 – Observe the team home VS away

Some teams usually tend to go against the norm which is that we tend to pay better at home by having the famous tendency of losing at home. It is the opposite case for some teams where they have the habit of being on amazing form away from home. You should therefore check the statistics of the home and away wins and defeats before placing your bet as this will help you to determine the psychology of the team when they are on the move or when they are in their home ground

Number 4 – Pay close attention to the grounds’ condition and the weather

This observation is particularly important in winter during the months of December to February when the lawns are not in perfect condition. This cold weather has been sometimes noted to affect the performance of some teams negatively. Playing conditions are worse because of snow and frost that affect the condition of the lawns. This is an important point to consider before placing your bets as most technical teams are disadvantaged by bad weather conditions

Number 3 – Consider how important the match is and the substitutes on the bench

Because of the different opponents we face, some games tend to be more important as compared to others. Sometimes it is more than just the winning points; winning tends to be more symbolic for example for prestige, to take revenge or winning a derby. While it might be pleasant to see all the big starts on the ground that day ready for action, wagering on this kind of game can be tricky. You should proceed if the team has been showing the right signals but halt if you are in doubt.

On the contrary, in games which don’t have any real stakes, coaches ten to pick their B team. This makes it hard to determine the level of these players and finding out if they can actually win or not. Also pay keen attention to the players on the bench. If there is a replacement, how capable is the new player? A team with a bench as good as the first team usually has higher chances of winning

Number 2 – Find the bookmaker with the highest odds using comparators

After you chose the match you want to bet on, have a look at other bookmakers in order to find the one with the best odds for your match and place your bet with them. For example, for the PSG vs. Bordeaux match, if the odds for PSG are 1.50 at one bookmaker and 1.60 at another, you would make more winnings by going for the one with higher odds.

Number 1 – Take keen notice of the tactics of the team and watch out for 0-0

Teams usually have different tactics and formations for example if your team uses the 4-4-1 and they meet with a team with a similar formation, you may suspect that the big defensive block at the back could make the match closed off with little chances of goals being scored. On the other hand, teams that use a more attacking pattern like 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 have more chances of scoring

Ligue 1 use to have an unusual amount of 0-0’s, although it is not true anymore, there are still quite a few draws in the French soccer.

We hope you enjoyed reading this content brought to you by Just keep in mind that except from PGS crushing everyone, Ligue 1 is an open league and all the teams have their chances. Follow the above tips and you will be able to increase your winnings.

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