Interview with George from Bettify

bettify_blueRecently I got chatting with George, the developer behind Bettify, amongst other things Bettify has a great selection of tools for people who want to run the maths on their bets!

Toby — For people who don’t know you could you give us a quick background into who you are?

George — I’m programmer by profession and running Bettify is both hobby and part time job for me. I never had huge ambitions with the site. It all started on localhost of my PC, as a tool to improve my own betting, and at one moment I thought it would be a good idea to put the ‘tool’ online and share the information I collect with others.

Toby — How long have you been working on Bettify for?

George — Officially was registered in 2009, but I started working on it somewhere in 2010. Since then I’ve been constantly adding new features, new leagues, changing data presentation, and trying to improve algorithms which I use for estimations. Whole site was developed by me, so I’m the only person to blame for everything about Bettify :-)

Toby — During your time with Bettify have you noticed any weird changing trends in the world of online football betting?

George — Not really. The only difference I see is in much more markets available than few years ago, but I’m probably more conservative type of punter and I stick with traditional bet types.

Toby — What does an average day look like for you?

George — As a maths and stats man, I usually compare my estimated fair odds with odds available at bookies, and when I spot value, I try to find few more reasons to place a bet. Usually I stick with the value and my gut feeling, but I try to find as much facts as possible for a match I plan to bet on.

Toby — Where do you get your facts from?

George — I get facts from all over the internet – sites like bbc, 442, football365, etc.

Toby — What tools do you recommend to help you make the right betting choices?

George — I’m a big fan of Kelly’s Criterion, and I would recommend Kelly Calculator available in tools section of Bettify to everyone who’s serious about betting.

Toby — If you had one tip you could give to our readers about football betting in general, what would it be?

George — Bet only what you can afford to lose :-)

Toby — What have you found most challenging about doing a tipster service online?

George — The most challenging is getting right information about the match and presenting it to readers in best possible way. You have to convince readers that your recommended bet is good choice, but at the same time you have to add a pinch of salt to all of that. You don’t want people who follow your tips to act irrationally when betting.

Toby — Who do you support? Do you let your love for them effect your betting?

George — Although I’m not from the United Kingdom, I support Leeds United. Don’t know if I’m superstitious, but I avoid betting on them or against them except in situations when they are underdogs and I see big value in them.

Toby — If there is one thing you could change about football what would it be?

George — I think that all the footballers from top leagues are overpaid, and that huge money involved in football has ruined game a bit in recent years. So if I had the power to change anything, I would cut their salaries :-)

Toby — Thank you so much for this, is there anything else you would like to add?

George — Betting should be fun, so don’t let it becomes a problem. And yes, visit if you already haven’t.

Thanks so much to George for taking the time to answer my silly questions! If you work as a football tipster and either have your own site or work for someone and would like to be interviewed, please get in contact with Toby :-)

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