Interview with Simon from Betting Kingdom

meToday I am continuing on my interview binge by interviewing Simon from Betting Kingdom, Simon works crazy hard insuring that all the tipsters on his site are posting top notch information for their visitors.

Toby – For people who don’t know you could you give us a quick background into who you are?

Simon – My name is Simon and I’m the owner of a free tipster competition site. As well as being the site administrator I try to find time to post some tips of my own on various sports. I have been running the site for over 10 years but the tipster competition began in 2010. My main football profile on the site is “Muppet”.

Toby – How long have you been a tipster for?

Simon – I have been tipping on the site for around 8 years but you can see my results date back to 2010 when the tipster competition first began.

Toby – During your time as a tipster have you noticed any weird changing trends in the world of online football betting?

Simon – I wouldn’t say weird but I certainly feel there has never been a better time to be a football punter. Huge choice of bookmakers, better odds, stats to make your brain go into meltdown and of course some brilliant football tipsters on the web offering quality free tips make it much easier to beat the bookies that 4/5 years ago.

Toby – What does an average betting day look like for you?

Simon – Once my admin duties are over I knuckle down into finding some tips. I’m a stats & odds man so will write down all the relevant stats for every English league game and try to find some value. It can be time consuming but I believe it’s the best way to ensure long term profits.

Toby – What tools do you use to help you make the right choice?

Simon – Only the obvious I’m afraid. I rely on the stats sites such as flashscores and soccerway. Then it’s a case of checking team news from whatever source I can find whether it be bbc sport, sky or the official club websites. Then the punters No.1 tool, the odds comparison sites of which I use oddschecker and bestbetting to get the best price.

Toby – If you had one tip you could give to our readers about football betting in general, what would it be?

Simon – It’s all about value in the odds for me. I will price up every match myself using the key stats. League position, home/away records, current form, head to head & team news. I avoid seeing the actual odds at all costs before pricing up the matches and then I will compare my odds with the bookies. Any match where there is a clear difference I will get involved & tip the team I think offers value.

Toby – What have you found most challenging about doing a tipster service online?

Simon – The time that has to go into it. Especially since Betting Kingdom has become more popular, it never ends. Some tipsters login and post tips at 2.30 in the morning. The bigger the site has grown the less time I’ve had to post my own tips. You really have to put a lot of time in if you want to be successful in this industry these days.

Toby – Who do you support? Do you let your love for them effect your betting?

Simon – Norwich City. It actually doesn’t to be honest. I hate to admit it but I’ve bet against them a few times in recent seasons. I tipped Villa to win at Carrow Road the past two visits and luckily or unluckily, whichever perspective you take, Villa won on both occasions.

Toby – If there is one thing you could change about football what would it be?

Simon – I hate to see clubs struggling financially. The Premier League should be supporting the lower leagues to ensure they don’t go out of business.

Toby – Thank you so much for this, is there anything else you would like to add?

Simon –Not really, other than get yourself down to Betting Kingdom if you’ve never been on the site. We have some excellent football tipsters making good profit and I’m sure they will help you beat the bookies.

Thanks so much to Simon for taking the time to answer my silly questions! If you work as a football tipster and either have your own site or work for someone and would like to be interviewed, please get in contact with Toby :-)

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