Is EPL Betting Popular in Australia

As international sports gains popularity across the globe, citizens from different countries become avid followers of different games. Football is one such game that seems to have one of the largest following globally. 

With so many numerous organized football leagues across the world, it’s no surprise that this game has such a large global appeal. English Premier League (EPL) is perhaps the most popular organized football league with over 200 countries able to watch it live on free-to-air TV. 

Australia is home to many Premier League fans, many of whom have their favourite football clubs. Perhaps they are die hard Liverpool fans or United enthusiasts. Whichever the case, their enthusiasm tricks down to how they bet. 

Which Premier League Teams do Australian Fans Support?

A vast majority of Australians follow one of these four major Premier League clubs; Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Manchester United seems to have the largest number of Australian fans, closely followed by Liverpool. The Australian fan-base seems to have been influenced by Aussie Tim Cahill’s participation in the Premier League. 

Even though there is a time difference between Australia and England, the Australian fan-base always follows a game when their favorite team is playing. Since Australia is hours ahead of England, many people prefer to record the game rather than watch it live. 

However, night owls will stay up to catch the games live. Several sport pubs in Australia stream live Premier League Football matches for customers. Free-to-air TV channels show all the English premier League Games live. If a fan is watching from home, they can switch between multiple games on the same channel. 

Even though Australian’s love for EPL is evident, it cannot beat their dedication to Australian football, popularly known as Aussie Rules football. Most Australians actually follow both sports, and due to their love for online betting and online casinos, there is never a shortage of wagers on both sports. 

Recommended Sites for Premier League Betting

As an Australian football fan, you need to carefully choose bookmakers for your Premier League betting. You should look out for:

  • Generous welcome bonuses 
  • Quality In-Play betting service 
  • Competitive odds 
  • Premier League cash Out 
  • A wide range of pre-match markets 
  • Premier League Accumulator Bonus 
  • Early payouts on bets 

Once you find a bookmaker that suits your needs, open an account with them; to get the most out of your EPL betting experience, open accounts with multiple bookmakers. If you’re a first time bettor, take a look at the professional’s EPL tips in Australia. 

Look out for sites with certified gambling licenses for a safe and secure betting experience. Every bookmaker you sign up with should hold a licensee from Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

How to Successfully Bet on the English Premier League?

Since the English Premier League is a global competition, bettors place wagers from all over the world. With big clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea competing against each other, it’s no surprise that all eyes are usually on the EPL. 

As a bettor, you want access to the best betting sites to secure big wins. You need an online bookie with a dedicated football trading team that examines stats before creating soccer markets with attractive odds. 

When your online bookmaker goes live with the odds a few days before the official game, you have enough time to place informed bets. Be sure to keep an eye for the changes in odds as the kick-off nears. 

Know your Betting Options for the Premier League

Thankfully, there are many ways to approach betting on the EPL. As you countdown to the next Premier League season, check out the most recent ante-post betting markets. Popular markets like Relegation, Top GoalScorer and To Finish in the Top Six are some of the viable options. 

Naturally, one needs at least one active betting account to place Premier League wagers, however, it’s best to have several accounts to make the most of the betting opportunities. 

For instance, if Chelsea is trading at 13/8 with Bookmaker A and 11/10 with Bookmaker B, you clearly stand a better chance with the former. If you only had an account with Bookmaker B, you’d lose out on the opportunity. 

Wrapping Up 

Australian punters enjoy betting on Australian football as well as the EPL. Signing up with multiple bookmakers gives you the opportunity to enjoy many free bets as well as take advantage of favorable odds. You are able to cherry-pick what works for you for different Premier League matches. 

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