Japan will be hosting FIFA World Cup 2021

2021 will definitely be a great time to bet since there will be many games due to FIFA World Cup that will be hosted in Japan but also because of the normal games that will happen. If you like football themed games, then you can try slots at an online casino. There’s the opportunity for you to actually have a great time while doing and win some money too. So, why not do it and have the perfect time? It’s definitely the best time for it during this pandemic. 

Japan will host FIFA World Cup 2021 

It was in May that FIFA called Japan to be the host nation to be the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. However, there’s no date but the time is set to late winter. This will be the 8th time that Japan hosts the Club World Cup, the last time was in 2016. 

China was actually supposed to host the tournament in the next summer with a revamped 24-team format but this was all postponed due to all the congestions caused by the pandemic. 

It was also in March that the coronavirus forced football confederations in both South America and in Europe to delay Copa America and also UEFA EURO 2020. Those competitions would be held in June and then in July. But, unfortunately, didn’t happen. 

Actually, in 2021 there will be two FIFA Club World Club tournaments, which is definitely something rare for this organization, since Qatar is set to host the 2021 edition. Japan will organize the 2021 version next winter. 

Big delay in the date of when it was supposed to happen

Although there is the enormous delay because of the coronavirus by this time next year, let’s hope that the Club World Cup will actually happen. Like the FIFA president Gianni Infantino said it’s still on the agenda, but there isn’t any decision of when it will take place, which is something hard nowadays. 

Even though there have been some setbacks, it’s likely that this Cup will happen next year which is a huge advantage. This means that you’ll be able to see the best teams playing and winning, until there’s a Champion. Of course, until then a lot can happen. Plus, there’s not actual date yet, something that has been concerning a lot of people, mostly fans. 

There will one representative from South America, North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, with, of course, the Japanese champions completing the rest of the teams. 

It should have been China, but it’s not 

The first news about this World Cup is that it was supposed to happen in China but everything changed very suddenly. Then it was decided that Japan would actually be the one who would host the Club World Cup in December of 2021. Of course, this is surely a pleasure to this country. Even though it’s not their first time doing it, there’s still something very good about doing it. 

It’s expected that the coronavirus, with the vaccine already produced, is already history. So this means that the Club World Cup can happen without any preoccupations, which would be the greatest thing ever.  

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