What are the best predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

All are waiting for 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is due to start on 21st November. Qatar will be hosting this event this year. It is the first UAE nation to have made it to the hosts’ list. The world cup this year will be played between 32 teams only; about 14 more teams are expected to enter the contenders’’ list in the 2026 edition. Interestingly, this event will be held only at 8 football grounds which the Qatar authorities have built from the scratch, and only one of those is refurbished. Hence, it is going to be something new and exciting to look forward to; how players perform in new conditions will be worth watching. Let’s take a look at the best predictions the experts are making for this event.

Which teams are the strongest contenders for FIFA World Cup 2022?

Every team that qualifies for FIFA World Cup is brilliant. But, the best among the best remain handful few. FIFA has seen supremacy of Germany; it being the winner of the title highest number of times. Apart from this team, there are a few players who have given a character to their team and are strong enough to create a furor in the tournament. Listed here are a few contending teams everyone would want to look up to for the top-class game.

  1. Portugal: Ronaldo and his amazing, impactful presence in the team has always been the newsmaker. The player may be contending World Cup for one last time and is expected to give his all to make a memorable exit. It is sure to bring more strength to Portugal; and speculating a few upsets that the team may cause won’t do any harm.
  2. Argentina: Argentina team is known b Lionel Messi and his amassed popularity. There is hardly any football fan who don’t want to see Messi doing his best. The expectation has brought the pressure to the team too. Though it is not a favorite, its matches will certainly be the talking point.
  3. France: Now we are talking about the team that actually lifted the trophy in 2018. Thus, it is surely going to be a strong defender with lots to prove. The team still has boast-worthy line-up of players and is expected to rule the roost this edition as well.
  4. Germany: This country took home the trophy in 2014. The team has pumped in lot of young blood and has managed to score a few interesting knocks in the current season. Also, the young aspirants will have lots of reason to play their best game in 2022 FIFA world cup at Qatar.
  5. Italy: Will it be Azzurri’s day at the grand stage? It is a question almost everyone is asking. Italy has a lot of points in its favor. The country is four time champion. New coach and young squad has brought lot of fresh energy to the team. Also, the team is displaying the best game and is in good form. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 discussions are quite likely to revolve around these teams. Will they deliver as expected is one of the reasons the fans would stay tuned to the tournament.

What are various teams’ odds for FIFA World Cup 2022?

You can say a lot about a FIFA World Cup 2022’s favorites and underdogs by just looking at the odds. The bookmakers are already ready with their numbers’ crunching and a few have assigned odds to contending teams. The process begins at the very start of the year and may see some changes with the way the teams perform. Some of the teams’ odds are:

  1. Italy: The country took home the Euro Cup 2020; thus, they are assigned odds of +1100. It is reduced from previous odd range of +1300 – +1600. 
  2. England: In Euro Cup 2020, England were the finalists. The team’s American odds now stand at +800.
  3. Croatia: This team was a surprise entry to 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. But, bookmakers don’t find it strong enough and gave it the opening of +4500 odds.
  4. France: Being the strong contender and the last edition’s winner, the France’s odds of winning this season sit at +600. It is the favorite for 2022 FIFA World Cup at Qatar.
  5. Brazil: The side had a good year overall; also, it always emerge stronger at the World Cup. The oddsmakers have assigned it +500 which is reduced from +600 range in the last few months.

These are the top 5 teams among the 32 contending teams; the highest odd is given to Ecuador. If any upset it causes, the odds of +50000 may bring incredible earnings to punters.

Will France repeat its 2018 success in FIFA World Cup 2022?

France took home the trophy in 2018. Since then, it has become the hot favorite team for 2022 World Cup. However, the conditions are going to be quite different. For example, for the first time a UAE nation is hosting this mammoth tournament and only 32 teams are contending for the title. Thus, almost every team is just a visitor here, and will have new challenges to combat.

The decision to organize the event in winter is the first change made. It is due to extreme heat that the country faces in summers, which can be dangerous for players’ health. So, weather conditions are adjusted to give similar situation. 

Secondly, Argentina, Portugal are the teams whose star players are going to be in the tournament for the last time. It may bring tough fight to France because of high motivation levels of these teams. 

So, it will definitely be interesting to watch what strategy France adopts to stay in the game.


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