Why the 2022 World Cup is going to be one of the best

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is played extensively around the world. It is played in football stadiums like Wembley in London, England; the MaracanĂ£ in Brazil; the Camp Nou in Spain; the Azteca in Mexico; the Olympic Stadium in Rome and; the Olympic Stadium in Munich. It is played in less known stadiums and sporting facilities in communal areas as well as on the streets, schoolyards, and any open spaces available for people to practice and enjoy their favorite sport.

Football can be defined as big business but it also offers the opportunity for non-professional footballers to indulge in the game. Organized football under the auspices of FIFA and UEFA provides entertainment and excitement to millions and millions of people from the four corners of the world. Supporters and enthusiasts of the game are week after week glued to their television sets or other electronic devices eager to watch their favorite team or national team playing.

Organized football provides, especially UEFA the European football entity, the UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League. The Latin American continent gives us their own form of competitions for football teams coming from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Uruguay just to mention a few.

The Caribbean region and Asia also offer their own football competitions. Countries like Australia, China, Japan, and the United States of America have made a lot of positive progress on the game during this last decade and today they have the ability and capability to feature and participate in top international competitions.

Although all these countries and regions provide their own particular football competitions, there is nothing compared to the World Cup organized by FIFA. Although the UEFA Champions League can give us a high level of football and spectacular games, this is not comparable to having players coming from the same country and playing for their national team at the World Cup. Winning the World Cup title means that whoever wins is considered to be the World Champion of football.

According to the best football bookmakers online, there is not another sporting event more popular and most followed than the World Cup. The latest FIFA World Cup reached over three billion television viewers worldwide and over one billion kept stuck in their seats in front of the television to watch the final of the World Cup.

The first World Cup was organized and played in Uruguay in 1930. Subsequently, the tournament has been held every four years. Since its inception, the World Cup Final has been held in Uruguay, Italy, Brazil, France, Mexico, England, Argentina, Spain, the United States, Korea/Japan, Germany, West Germany, South Africa and Russia. Countries like Brazil, Italy, France and Uruguay have won the World Cup more than once.

Some big and famous players who have made an impact and a name for themselves during the World Cup include, Diego Maradona, Pele, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Gigi Riva, Justin Fontaine, Gerd Muller, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jairzinho.

Over the last two decades, FIFA showed the desire to export the World Cup to new football emerging countries and not limit the finals to the traditional countries. This philosophy had a dual approach. One is to give the opportunity to new countries to organize and benefit from the tournament and secondly help these countries to promote the game of football and improve its structure on a more professional basis. Countries that benefited from this new FIFA approach included the United States of America, South Africa, and Japan/South Korea. Next in line is a country from the Gulf States.

The next World Cup will be held in Qatar in November 2022. Qatar will mark football history as being the first to host the World Cup in the Arab World. Eight-state of-the- art stadiums have been built/constructed all within a 75km radius. The innovative idea will make the World Cup more compact and much less stressful for the players, coaching staff, directors, and supporters who will follow their team through the process of the tournament. This will eliminate the hassle for all to travel from one state to another in the country either by air, sea, or land. In addition, to comfort and less stress, this idea of having stadiums in the same radius will make the Qatar World Cup the first-ever carbon neutral World Cup. It is hoped that future tournaments follow the same pattern and make the World Cup a unique competition as being much more friendly to the environment.

This is all-important but what the players and the coaching staff really want is to win matches and possibly the title. The fans are more concerned about what happens on the pitch and hope that their team will repeat surprises like the ones’ in England in 1966 when North Korea beat Italy and when Senegal beat a strong French team in 2002.

The first game in Qatar is slated for 21 November at the Al Bayt stadium which seats 60,000. The final of the tournament is expected to take place twenty-seven days later at the largest Qatari stadium, the Lusail. The Qatari authorities have made plans for the day after the World Cup is finished. The seating tallying to 60,000 seats will be donated to sporting entities around the world.

Qatar will benefit from the global expansion of the World Cup. The Gulf region where Qatar is situated in one of the fast-expanding regions for football and hosting the tournament will only enhance the already frenzy for football amongst the younger generation. It also gave the opportunity to promote Qatar as an emerging football heaven and incite world-famous players to leave the European/Latin American continents and go play their football in Qatar.

Upon the announcement by FIFA that the 2002 World Cup will be held in Qatar, the Qatari authorities committed themselves to building an infrastructure not seen before. Nine new stadiums were built together with renovation due on three other sites for the cost of around four billion dollars. They also invested heavily in procuring the latest technology to ensure that they give the global audience a truly hi-tech product.

Unfortunately, the recent turmoil in Ukraine has tarnished the prospects of the World Cup. In fact, FIFA has announced that it has suspended Russia from the World Cup and all football competitions Despite this setback the Qatar World Cup will be one of the most spectacular events ever organized by FIFA in tandem with a member country. And how about adding a football bet to the beauty of the World Cup? Support your national team at the top online bookies and enjoy both goals and wins.

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