Hey guys,

You may have seen no update today and been like “Where’s Ian – is he dead?!” and to be fair, that’s pretty much the only way this site is not updated, one way or another. Alas, I live; the site itself was the problem!

Seemingly, we’ve been getting attacked by some loser(s) via spam and it fucked up the site for a bit. Due to relentlessly unhelpful hosts, we’ve decided to move server and hopefully onto big and better things as a result. Service will resume as normal tomorrow, of course, although to be honest, there’s nothing happening until thursday anyway!

Lastly, give it up for Mr Toby for getting this baby back online due to his relentless hard work despite lots of commitments elsewehere – cheers mate!

P.S. I may even allow you to use the comments page as an in-play chatroom for tonight’s games as a one-off…

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