Recent Issues with the Site

Hey folks,

I am sure over the last few days you have noticed some strange things happening with the site – we are really sorry it happened. There was an issue with the company that hosts this website. We worked with them all weekend and are happy that it should now be resolved.

The Issues

There were two issues you may have spotted. One was a big warning saying the site wasn’t safe. We can assure you it was and is completely safe. The warning was because our server was giving out of date information to your internet browser.

The second issue was that some people would see out of date information coming from the site, like super out of date information (from about January). This was all part of the same problem and shouldn’t happen anymore.

The Fallout

As a result a lot of people didn’t have complete access over the weekend, if you are a member who was effected by this please email Toby and I will be happy to add some days onto your account.

Some people also signed up and the system didn’t register them correctly because it was using the old website. If I haven’t personally emailed you yet about this please email me on the address linked above and I will make sure your membership is added.

I’m still having issues!

If you are still having issues, please clear your cache (you can do this in your browser settings). If this doesn’t work please email Toby on the link above with screenshots of the issue and he will try his best to help.

Thanks for your patience

Thank you so much for bearing with us whilst we went through these issues. We have been assured by the host that this shouldn’t happen again.

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