Simple Betting Mantras

With so much advice around how you should place bets, I wanted to write a post that contains what I’m calling simple betting mantas.

These simple betting mantras are short, easy to remember phrases. You can call upon them when you’re confused by contradictory or overwhelming advice.

Nothing Is Certain

Everything in football betting is informed guessing. If there were certainties, there would be no such thing as bookmakers because how would they make money?

If someone promises you 100% success or that they always make the right bets. They are either lucky or lying.

What If I Lose?

Given our first mantra of “nothing is certain”, we are unfortunately going to lose sometimes.

How would losing this one bet impact your financial situation or mental health? If it would affect either very negatively, then this isn’t the bet for you, and you need to lower the stakes.

This is particularly good to know when you’re deciding between placing £50 on a match or £500. If neither would make you flinch, then, by all means, bet £500, but if that would cause you issues, go lower.

What don’t I know?

Informed bettors win more money, and this is the entire driver behind our membership area. We give you our thoughts and all the relevant team news so that you can form your own opinions.

If you are about to bet on a match but don’t know either of the teams, you might want to take a step back and understand a little more about them.

If you know the teams well, but don’t know the competition (or what is at stake for each time) then again you might want to find that out before locking in your bet.

I’m not saying you have to know 100% of all the variables that could contribute to one team beating another, but it is good to think about what you are missing.

There is always next week

Regardless of if you have a bit of a flutter for fun or class yourself as a professional gambler, it is always important to think long term.

If you win big this weekend, what are you going to do with that money next weekend?

Having a plan and trying to stick to it is profitable in the long term and can help you get over short-term loses.

What simple betting mantras do you use?

These are four simple betting mantras that I try and keep in my head when I’m placing football bets. I hope they were useful to you! Do you have any mantras or things you tell yourself? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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