Some Football and Football Betting Sub-Reddits you should be on

If you are not familiar with Reddit it is a massive community website were people share links and write content almost like a message board, people vote up and down the links shared and as result it becomes and excellent resource for curated content.

I have been using it myself for the past years to cover a load of my interests (music, computing, weird funny stuff, you name it!) and of course Football Betting!

From spending some time on multiple sub-reddits (this is the term used for the different categories people have made that you can share to) I have found two to be very useful for football betting.

The first is the Soccer Betting Guide. The purpose of the sub-reddit is to “Share Tips & Discuss Strategies.” and there is some great content to be found there, I highly recommend looking at it.

The second is the general Soccer reddit. It is obviously great for things like chatting about current games, but maybe more importantly looking at breaking team news, as I look at it now there are about 4,500 people currently looking at it, so you can be pretty sure there will be someone available to answer your question or to give you team news you were looking for!

The third is a relatively new Football betting sub-reddit called Bet Bulls. One of the things I really love about it is that unlike the Soccer Betting Guide you can post links, which I think leads to a healthier community. I should mention as a disclaimer that I have very kindly been asked to be a moderator there, although since this article was written that is no longer the case.

I hope if you are new to reddit this has proved useful to you, and if you are a regular redditor and you know some other places that you share them in the comments, and you can always see more daily tips across reddit and other parts of our site!

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