Strategy and Tactics in American Soccer Betting

The soccer betting market is massive and it continues to grow. After all, this is the most watched sport on the planet, so it’s not uncommon for viewers to pick up betting as a hobby. This is one of the few ways that allows them to turn their passion into profit. 

That being said, there are way more bettors who only gamble casually. Of course, there is almost no surefire way to predict the outcome of a match. Luckily, this multi-billion dollar industry has a lot of betting options, so you don’t have to know the outcome of the match in order to win a bet. Here we will talk about some of the most common strategies for soccer betting.   

Have at Least One Reliable Betting Site

If you want to use the most basic strategies for betting you will need to have an account on a trusted gambling site. Each state where online gambling is legal has its own regulatory body, so operators have multiple domains, for each state. If you are in New Jersey, you can use Golden Nugget NJ as they have a generous welcome offer, and they have been around for a long time. Of course, there are other reputable operators there as well, and some of the strategies we are going to mention will require multiple accounts.  

Arbitrage Betting 

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s not always available. Many believe that odds indicate the probability of a team winning or losing. This isn’t entirely true, odds work based on the payment as well, so if a disproportionate number of users is putting money on one option, the value of that option will go down. Moreover, the odds for the other team will go up, in order for players to get tempted and buy it.


So it is possible to bet with two different operators, put money on both teams and still profit, regardless of the outcome.  

Value Betting

This is similar to arbitrage. As mentioned odds can be wrong because they won’t always reflect the actual chance for an outcome. The goal here is simply to find the soccer match you want to bet on and then browse the odds with different operators. You would want to find the site where you can get the most value for your buck and bet there. Of course, you should still verify if the operator is legitimate and safe. 

Use Statistics

There are many statistical tools that you can use in order to measure the probabilities of outcomes. It’s always handy to have access to these tools and compare the statistics with the odds. This way you get to see how off are certain bookkeepers. Of course, this isn’t going to guarantee that you will win, but it will prevent you from getting swayed by the probability expressed through the odds. 

Follow Soccer Tips Influencers 

There are many content creators that you can find online who can provide solid tips. They can tell you which operator has the best value for which bet. Moreover, they are likely using apps and tools that compile and analyze this data. So instead of buying those tools yourself, you can find out the results from these content creators. Make sure your notification system goes off when they tweet or post a new video, and you will be up to date. 


These were some of the general tips that you can use in order to tilt the odds in your favour. Of course, you can always look for new bonuses and promotions in order to get more value out of your deposit. You’d be surprised just how many operators out there have no deposit promotions, where you can just sign up and play risk-free. So, if you want to save money, leverage these bonuses in a smart way. 

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