The top Memes of 2014

I thought it would be fun to follow up our look back at TFT’s 2014 with a look at some of the top football related memes of 2014!

I have been saving these throughout the year from various places and figured I would share them in one big post for you to enjoy.

If any of the pictures are too small just click on them to view them full size :-)

2014I thought it would be good to start the list with this recap of 2014 in image form!


wrong_shirtThat look of disappointment!


wengerThis frankly amazingly crude mashup of Kermit the Frog and Arsène Wenger


standThis wheelchair user gaining the use of his legs again!


pitch surfaceI loved this observation about what cartoon football players have for their pitch!


overpaidA nice comparison between a free transfer and a not-so-free transfer!


obamaPresident Obama watching the USA match.


neymar magikarpNeymar versus a Magikarp (this was a personal favourite of mine!)


germanyscores4Obviously referring to the stuffing that Germany gave Brazil in the World Cup.

Speaking of the World Cup and Memes, I am sure you have seen my rundown of the best Suarez images on the internet, but if not you might enjoy them!


germanyscoresA great rundown of the most used words in 2014 (I should speak to Ian about banning people that use those top ones!)


flirtyingAnyone else remember the time Fulham got called out flirting with one of their fans?


drop your phoneI have done this on more than on occasion, each time I wonder when I will get called up for the Northern Ireland team (side note: it probably isn’t that hard to get called up for the Northern Ireland football team!)


crushYou just can’t beat watching a footballer you don’t like crying!


cescI love a good pun!


break armRoy Keane looks like he could lose it at any minute :-)


benficaSL Benfica Logic


Alonso + Gerrard = MorenoWhat happens when you combiine Alonso and Gerrard? You get Moreno of course!

I enjoyed putting together these pictures for you to enjoy, if you have any more that you would like to see on there let us know!

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